5 Bitter Truths About Being an Entrepreneur

Abhishek Tiwari
Jun 6 · 5 min read

Get to know the truth behind entrepreneurship…

So, you are up to it. You want to become an entrepreneur and want to make millions and billions of dollars. Or maybe it’s your passion, either reason could be you are influenced by people like Gary Vaynerchuk, Elon Musk etc.

Being an entrepreneur is not that easy, it takes a lot of hard work and sacrifices to reach the top. You must be thinking that these are all told facts but no they’re not. No one takes it seriously.

Entrepreneurship is cool when you are 18 to 23 years as you are witnessing that these young entrepreneurs are starting a business and taking it to the next level.

Today, I am going to tell you about 5 bitter truths about being an entrepreneur. But before we jump into it, you need to ask yourself a question:

Why do I want to become an entrepreneur?

You may get different answers but the best answer will come straight from your heart that man I want to make the lives of millions of people easier with my products.

That’s what a true and successful entrepreneur thinks.

#1 It takes time

Most of the teens don’t understand this fact, it takes a lot of time to become a successful entrepreneur. Nowadays everyone wants to get on top or want to get famous and become a global sensation overnight.

But you need to understand in order to become a successful entrepreneur you need to devote all your time in your business and products.

Hoping for the best is not ideal, making it the best is ideal — Abhishek Tiwari

Time is the most powerful tool you have, you don’t need any money to become successful, so just manage your precious time and devote it to your business to build something great.

#2 Pick any one idea

So, as a young businessman you may have 20 different ideas but executing all 20 ideas at the same speed is not possible. You need to pick only one out of those 20 ideas.

This is because you don’t how it is going to perform in the market. Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs once said, “ Pick one idea that fascinates you and just stick to it and let the waves catch you”

Now you will have a question —

What if I am succeeding in every idea I’m executing?

The answer to this question is you are well to go. If your first business succeeds then you are good to start another business.

#3 Think About your customers

The best part about being an entrepreneur is that you are making the lives of other people better.

Whenever you are designing your product think about your customers, what they want. You need to build a product that provides value to your customers. Moreover your quality, pricing also matters.

If you have a balance of quality and pricing then you will be ahead of your competition.

You need to remember these things before building your products or services:

  1. Why anyone should buy it?
  2. What impact it will have on other people’s lives?
  3. Is it affordable?

#4 It’s not always about money

For some people becoming an entrepreneur is all about money. But sorry to say these people do not go far. You need to understand that being an entrepreneur is not always about money and honestly its never about money.

It’s about doing great work for people, the money will follow you if you follow your passion as an entrepreneur. No matter what you dream you can do it and money will come automatically if you are continuously helping people.

Amazon sold books in the late 90s in loss and it helped them in capturing the market. It was a bold move by Jeff Bezos which later paid him billions of dollars in revenue.

So, always aim for making your services better rather than thinking about money.

#5 You’ll not win always

As an entrepreneur, you will face many challenges. You need to understand that you will not win always or sometimes things will become worse. The key to remaining calm in those situations is to have faith in yourself and your ideas.

It’s a bitter truth that most people don’t know, they think if you are successful then you can’t fail. Keep yourself pumped up and motivated every time. No matter how much famous or successful you are, you are still human.

So keep on doing the hard work that got you where you are and you will double your success.

Over to you

Now that I have told 5 bitter truths about entrepreneurship that most of the people understand. I want you to pick some positivity from this post and get ready to change the world with your awesome ideas and never feel that you are alone. If you are doing great work the whole world is with you.

Good luck and now, it's your turn to put a dent in the universe

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