7 Killer Ways to Increase Youtube Subscribers in 2019

Do you want to increase your youtube subscribers?

YouTube is currently the leading platform for video sharing, video marketing, and video blogging or vlogging. It is a free platform offered by none other than Google, and everybody loves it.

The importance of YouTube lies in the fact that in the content marketing world, videos are a big hit. And it has been like that for a very long time now and till date, it has the biggest potential.

Many of the social network giants have tried their hands, but they lack the kind of impact YouTube has.

We all know YouTube is not only about videos. It is also about making the right channels, getting subscribers, likes etc. So, if you currently possess a YouTube channel, you might be thinking that how you can get free YouTube subscribers fast and eventually how can you increase the exposure of your videos.

But to drive huge traffic to your channel, you need to have quality content and most importantly more subscribers. So, here are the ways by which you can get free subscribers on YouTube.

Let’s get started…

#1 Build A Proper Plan For The Videos

The first and foremost thing while getting started with YouTube is to plan what type of channel you want. What will it be all about!

A tip from our side will be, create what you love to do and not something that is trending on YouTube. It’s a bad concept. Most of the people who does this end up being unsuccessful.

Decide on what you love and then create and focus on developing the channel and the videos altogether. Video scripts are very important due to the fact that you can organize your videos better that way and keep track of everything easily. It will also ensure a smooth flow of events which will surely result in a well sorted out video.

Identifying your target audience is very important as well. While writing the script you should identify what your target audience is and use the appropriate language accordingly in the script based on their understanding.

#2 Create Highly Engaging Content

Content is the King! So it goes without saying that your content should work. It should be informative, entertaining and should give a certain value to the viewers.

Engaging content is a must for a successful outcome. As there is a lot of content out there, the content which engages the audience and builds interest in them is the way to go!

So, before you build a video, make sure that your videos are engaging and add value to your audience.

#3 Look After Your Uploading Frequency

You have to realize the main reason behind someone subscribing to your channel.

So, you need to keep up with your subscribers’ demand and for that, you need to increase your video uploading frequency. A consistent amount of development and uploading leads to a lasting impression with your subscribers.

Publish videos following a proper schedule and in a timely manner.

#4 Optimize The Videos To 5 Minutes

YouTube has many detailed, in-depth videos in its database. Though there are such lengthy contents, the high converting ones are the videos that are limited to five minutes in length.

This a golden number for people who are starting out. You should follow this number until you have a cushion of a decent following or subscribers.

And once you have a good amount of subscribers you can experiment with the length and monitor your audience’s reaction.

Initially whatever you do, keep it simple, streamlined, short, informative and most importantly entertaining, and also under 5 minutes.

#5 Optimize The Video Titles

Being different holds the key. Yes, being distinguishable among thousands of videos is one of the most important aspects while chasing YouTube success.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to give your videos relevant yet different and off-beat titles. That way people will come to your channel just out of curiosity.

Having quirky titles and names can have benefits, but it does not end there. To get the maximum amount of views, SEO(Search Engine Optimization) will also play a big part in YouTube marketing.

• Use of right keyword in the title is important.

• Ensure that the title is not too long yet engaging.

• Monitor what people are searching for on the web using Google Adwords.

• A descriptive title portraying the basic idea of the video is a must.

Learn how to pen down catchy and optimized titles.

All these points make sense video descriptions as well. The only differentiating factor being the description should reveal all that the video showcases, but in a detailed way.

#6 Personalization Of Video Thumbnails

Creating a custom video thumbnail for each video you upload is the way to go!

Instead of generating random thumbnails, building custom video thumbnails makes a lot of sense.

You can use annotations and relevant images as well. This can easily increase your CTR (click through rate) of your videos. Custom thumbnails will also tell visitors what your video is all about and that is very desirable.

#7 Creating A Channel Trailer

To keep your visitors engaged you also need to create a proper channel trailer. This is a great feature that YouTube offers. This channel trailers play automatically upon opening of a channel.

This trailer should be tweaked constantly and very carefully so as to keep the visitors engaged to your channel itself.

This showcases what you have on offer, and why they must stay on your channel. So it is very important to create a perfect channel trailer for getting free subscribers on YouTube.

Other than this you should do the following to get more subscribers for your channel.

• With the option of tagging your official page to your channel, you can let people find you. Therefore if you have a blog or an official website you can easily tag that your channel. And this a great way to increase overall exposure.

• Collaborate with other fellow YouTubers for exposure benefits and to reach out to a new audience.

• Interaction with your fans is a must. It is all about how much you care. If you care about them, they will care about you. Replying to comments and interacting with loyal fans is indeed necessary.

• Promote your channel as much as you can in other social media platforms through social media marketing. You need to be desirable!


All that said, correctly implementing these techniques will surely help you achieve your goal of getting a lot of free YouTube subscribers. Never stop experimenting. You should explore more and more ideas.

It takes a lot of effort and commitment to building a successful channel. So never give up!