7 Actionable SEO Techniques ( Works Great In 2019)

You want to rank no 1 on Google. Most of the people say you need to build links to kick start, some say it's on page SEO but where do you start?

Today I am going to tell you about the 7 actionable SEO techniques that helped me increase my organic traffic by 115%.

So let’s dive right in…

#1 Remove Zombie Pages

So, zombie pages are those pages which add little to none value on your website. These dead pages can have a negative effect on your websites SEO. Google prefers quality over quantity.

You can do two things to fix this issue:

  1. Remove the unwanted pages.
  2. Update the old posts by adding some fresh data to it.

I strictly prefer this quality over quantity rule and it has helped me grow my blog. When you produce only great content, it sends positive signals to Google and your rankings will start going up.

#2 Include More Images, Videos & Infographics

You know what?

Posts with some images tend to perform way better than text posts. Posts with more visuals help you in sticking visitors to your website. When you include more images, videos in your posts not only your average duration time per user will increase but also you will get more social shares.

And users on social media love sharing image and videos if they like it.

Not only on images you should focus more on creating videos as they are at hype now in 2019. You can use tools like:

  1. Canva: To create stunning images, charts and infographics.
  2. Lumen5: It will help you in turning your posts into great videos.

#3 Use Powerups In Title Tags

So you must be thinking about what are powerups exactly?

Powerups are the words that appear in your title tag, they urge the user to click on your listing.

Here are some powerups to try:

  1. Great
  2. Research
  3. Insane
  4. Actionable
  5. Powerful
  6. Top

When you these kinds of powerups in your title tag, it has a big impact on searches and they are more likely to click on your listing. If you get more clicks it sends a clear message to Google that people are loving your content for that keyword.

#4 Use Long Tail Keywords

This may sound like an old school practice but it really works great and helps you rank higher and get more organic traffic to your website.

To find the long tail keywords here are some techniques you can use:

  1. Google Suggest
  2. Related Searches
  3. Through Amazon
  4. On Quora
Detailed article here: The Ultimate Keyword Research Guide

If you want great keyword ideas to decide from you can use a tool called ‘Ubersuggest’.

Here is how to use it, step by step:

a) Go to the official website and enter a keyword or domain. It will show you the top results with the amount of traffic and which post is driving them most of the traffic.

b) Now, click on ‘Keyword Ideas’.These are some great long tail and LSI keywords that you must include in your posts.

Now, what's next?

Pick the best post from the above list and create a much better post including those keywords that you found just now. This will help you a lot. You will not only get more traffic but you will also start ranking for that LSI keywords.

#5 Have Keyword Rich URL

The structure of your URL also matters when it comes to SEO and ranking high on Google. If you have a long URL that consists of the date and other useless numbers then it has a bad effect on SEO.

SEO expert Brian Dean says that if you want to do well on SERPs you need to have keyword rich URL and also short ones.

Here is what he meant by that:

For example, you are writing a post of 23 ways youtube can help you build your personal brand. So, by default, your title will be your URL but your focus keyword is ‘personal branding youtube’ or ‘youtube personal branding’.

In this case, you need to set your slug (URL) to your focus keyword. This will help you in ranking higher by adding positive effects on your sites SEO.

Here is a perfect example of this:

Search Engine Land has a great article on ‘What Is SEO?’ Their focus keyword is ‘What is SEO’ so they have kept their URL short and keyword rich. That is why they are ranking high as this is exactly what Google expects.

(Here is a video on how to optimize for SEO in 2019)

#6 Use LSI Keywords

LSI keywords are those keywords that are closely related to your focus keyword and your article.

For example: If you are writing an article on ‘SEO’ your LSI keywords would be — SEO Tips, SEO Techniques, SEO Tools, Page Speed etc.

These keywords help you in improving the quality of your posts and will help you in ranking for other terms than just your focus keyword.

#7 Make Your Site Load Superfast

Page speed is very important for your sites SEO. Fast loading sites rank higher than slow loading ones. You need to make sure that your website loads super fast so that it could provide visitors with a great experience.

If your website takes time to load, visitors will bounce back, as a result, your avg on page time will decrease and so as your rankings will.

Here is the page speed for my blog:

So, How to make your website load fast?

If you are on Wordpress, it is quite easy for you to optimize your site’s speed. You need to install a plugin called ‘Wp Total Cache’ and it will help you in making your website faster by caching it.

Also, you can use a plugin called ‘Asset Clean Up’. This is the best plugin for boosting your page speed. This is because with this plugin you can unload the unnecessary javascript codes on a page.

It comes with various optimization options to make your page faster.

Some SEO Mistakes to avoid in 2019

Everyone claims to be an expert of SEO but a very few of them actually understand the true meaning and value of it. There are so many SEO experts in the market and most of them are beginners.

Therefore, it is natural to get conflicting views and suggestions on the same problem. It is also difficult to examine the true results of a particular move because everything you do seems to be working in your favour.

This leads to confusion and you are not able to gauge the effectiveness of an SEO strategy or idea in particular. However, you can neglect the common mistakes made by the SEO practitioners so that you can sail your website towards the shore more easily.

Here are some of those common SEO mistakes we need to avoid at all costs:

#1 Focussing on just one keyword

It is an age-old mistake that is spoiling the reputation of both SEO experts and digital marketers. Focussing on one keyword seems to be a lame idea especially because each one is thinking differently and uses different keywords to search.

Therefore, it will be wiser to optimize your web pages on multiple keywords and also do not forget to think about keyword topics that incorporate a wide range of relevant and frequently searched terms.

#2 Neglecting old articles and blogs

Instead of thinking on new topics you can pick some of your dated content and revise it according to the latest keywords and concepts.

#3 Slow speed

Exciting experience plays a big role in attracting the visitors and helps to keep them glued to your site. One of the factors which spoil the user experience is slow speed and therefore do not forget to fix the technical issues of your website while implementing SEO techniques.

#4 Internal links

While most of the SEO practitioners are focussing on external backlinks, you can think differently and introduce internal linking in your web pages to improve their rankings as well.

#5 Neglecting search engines

Google is still the key player amongst the search engines but other search engines cannot be ignored and therefore you will have to optimize your content as per these search engines as well.

Over to you

So, these were the 7 actionable SEO techniques that will definitely help you in ranking higher on Google and get more organic traffic to your website. Also, the mistakes I have mentioned are the most popular ones that most of the people commit. Avoid doing the mistakes.

Keep on leveraging these techniques and you will see a significant difference in your performance on Google.