6 Ways To Come Up With Great Content Ideas (2019 Edition)

Credit: Print Shark

The biggest problem we all face in our blogging and content creation career is — Lack of ideas at some point. You may have experienced this and I have too. Getting new content ideas is very necessary to keep your audience hooked up.

But the question is — How do you generate endless content ideas?

Well, what if I told you there are several ways that will help you in generating endless ideas for creating content.

So let’s get started…

#1 Getting Ideas From Google Suggest

Google Suggest is the best place to get long tail keyword ideas but do you know you can also use it to shape your content?

Here is how to do it:

First of all, go to Google search and search for a keyword like ‘Marketing’ and scroll down to the bottom of the page and there you will find the related searches panel.

These are awesome content ideas and you can create a blog post around these. Also, they are great keyword ideas for your posts.

#2 Use SEMRUSH Topic Research Tool

SemRush is the best SEO tool in the market. It provides you with various toolkits that help you from structuring your content to its perfect marketing. One such tool is ‘Topic Research’ tool that helps you in getting endless content ideas.

Here is an example of it:

I wanted to create a post on marketing but I was out of ideas what are some topics to target in my post. So, I went to this tool and searched for the keyword — Marketing and it generated a mind map full of new ideas.

These are the most searched and loved ideas around this keyword that could get more attention from visitors.

#3 Survey Your Audience

Surveying your audience about what type of content they want is also a great way of getting content ideas. If you are publishing content that your audience doesn’t want, then you will be in trouble as they will unsubscribe if you are doing this continuously.

So it is better to survey your audience and ask them what type of content they want from you. You can use a tool called ‘Survey Monkey’.

Survey Monkey will help you in creating beautiful and awesome surveys and that too for free. If you want more customization options you can go for a paid plan.

This simple practice will help you in getting ideas for your content that everyone wants to see.

#4 Topic Research

Another great way to find ideas for your content is by topic research and for this, you will need to use Google Trends. It will help you in differentiating topics according to visitors interests.

But you need to do this in a planned manner and here is the step by step process to do it:

a) Go to ‘Google Trends’ and search for a term and see its interests.

b) Now, go to ‘SEMRUSH’ and search for this term and it will show you some really great content ideas that you can use to create and structure your content.

You can use all these ideas to frame your posts or a video.

#5 Using Social Media Stats (With Buzzsumo)

Social media is a place filled with content ideas. You can get millions of great ideas for your content from different social platforms like — Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Here a question arises — How do I find what’s trending on social media?

For this, you need to use an awesome tool called ‘Buzzsumo’. You can find what’s trending on different social media platforms with Buzzsumo.

Just go the official website and search for a term, put your competitor URL and see what's working for them on social media.

For example - I searched for my competitor ‘Moz’ and wanted to see which is their most popular content on social media.

All you need to do with this data is to go through their best content and create 10x better content than that. Buzzsumo will always help you in getting the most popular content ideas on social media.

#6 Blog Commenting & Newsletters

At last but not least. You can also get some great ideas from blog comments and newsletters. You need to go through your comment section to see what your readers are talking about and what they think about your content.

Blog newsletters are also a great way of keeping up with new ideas. Subscribe to some great blogs in your industry. Their newsletter will contain ideas that are trending. Gather up some and you are good to go.


So, these were some great ways that will help you in generating endless content ideas for your blog, videos etc. Go through each way and fill your basket with great content ideas.

Now, it's your turn to go out there and express yourself with your awesome content.