Crunch Time: Ep- 04 ( With Erica Buist)

Hey, Crunchers!

I am back with another episode of Crunch Time and today we have a great lady. Erica Buist, she is really awesome and honestly I learnt a lot from her.

She’s been working on writing a book ( The Party’s Dead) in which she is trying to discover all about death. She is travelling to 7 death festivals all over the world and the journey is pretty awesome and inspiring.

So as obvious you will be thinking about how we got connected?

I was reading her articles for a long time and was really fascinated by her thoughts. So, I headed up on twitter and asked her if she could schedule an interview with me.

She was so generous and she agreed and today we talked and I strongly recommend you to watch it till the end as you will come to know something new from her experiences.

So here is the full interview:

Do check out her new book that is up for sale now: