5 Things You Should Do To Crush It On Social Media

Do you want to crush it on social media in 2019?

Well, it is not as hard as you think it is. Getting more engagements on your posts, more followers and comments is all about applying the right strategies that actually work.

No matter whether you are building a personal brand or a business you will need the help of that special social media power that will give a boost to your process.

Social media is a necessary weapon for all of us to showcase what we have built but the problem not everyone gets the same amount of traction. Some of you may post a great picture but get only 6 likes and 0 comments.

This is not because of your followers or content, it is because you are not following some key things that are needed in order to do well on social media.

Before we jump into what are these tips, let's have a look upon some of the most popular social media platforms:

Promoting your content on some of these platforms will be in your content marketing strategy. Today I am going to tell you about 5 most important tips that will help you in getting most out of social media.

So let’s get started…

#1 Stop trying to be perfect

Yes! you read it right. Stop trying to be perfect. Most of you are not posting just because you want that perfect picture in which you look the best. Well, sorry to say its a waste of time. You should be realistic and who cares about perfectness.

Let me tell you in 90% of the cases you will not post on Instagram because you think it is not perfect and you will get the maximum number of likes and comments.

First of all, stop worrying about the numbers and start focussing on content. Be as real as you can. Don’t think, just post and over time you will find what's working for you.

Here is a perfect example for that, on my company twitter profile I have 450+ followers and on insta almost 2K+ followers.

There’s a huge difference in the numbers because I used to think before tweeting on twitter but I never thought while I was using Instagram and that helped me grow my Instagram account.

Let’s have a look at both of them one by one:

a) Twitter

This is the tweet that is performing the best for my twitter profile

b) Instagram

When you go through SEO Crunch’s Instagram profile you will find that almost every post is doing good

That is the difference when trying to be perfect and when you try to be natural. So be natural while posting content. Don’t overthink.

#2 Engage In Conversations

See, the best part about these social media platforms like — Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are you can build great relationships if you take part in the conversations.

But now a question arises that how you will participate and build a conversation?

Here is an example of that:

This is a great way of getting people to engage with your post. Asking questions. These type of posts encourage people to spill the truth. You should also comment on other people’s content and also reply to comments on your posts also. No matter whether there are 1K comments or just 1 comment.

Pro tip: These days most of the social media platforms are giving value to comments. So, encourage people to leave a comment.

The more you engage in conversations, the better off your chances are to build a great audience. People love those who can help them solve their problems.

#3 Post More Videos

Social media nowadays is all about videos. Companies like Facebook and Instagram value video content more than they value text-based images.

This doesn’t mean that you will need to set up things like — a room with good lighting, an expensive camera and all that. You need nothing of that you can just burst out your phone and can get started.

Again a question arises ‘ What type of videos you will create?’

The answer is literally anything related to your niche. If you are in the cooking niche, you can make a video on how to make the best pancakes. People love watching videos more than they like images or infographic.

If you will double down your emphasis on posting more video content you will do better.

Here is another great example of that:

Mashable posts 2x more videos than text and images. The result of that is it helps them in expanding their reach without boosting their post. Not only they get more views, likes and comments but they also gain some engaging followers.

Pro tip: Facebook and Instagram give videos more value as they want to capture that video publishing market. So if you will post more videos you will do better.

If you don’ t want to create videos that include your face, you can turn your posts into videos using a tool called ‘Lumen5’.

You can also create text-based videos explaining about something like this:


You can turn a post into a video like this:

#4 Stop Posting Content That's Not Getting Attraction

This is very important and most of the people ignore this. You will need to figure out which type of content is working for you and which is not.

If you are continuously posting images or videos or post links which is not getting any attraction you are just wasting your time.

To find out what’s working in your niche and what’s not go to ‘Buzzsumo’ and type in your competitors URL or pop up a keyword related to your space like this:

It will show you the content that is performing the best on social media. Go through the content and now go and create 100x better than that. You can do anything create an infographic, a new blog post or a video.

Posting what works will help you in getting more attraction and increase your social presence.

Fill your feed with great posts that perform well. Also, make changes in your content like post a quote sometime or a funny video etc.

Here is an example of a great feed:

#5 Know Your Audience

You will be committing a big mistake if you are not knowing your audience. Before doing anything you should analyze what your audience loves.

For example, People follow SEO Crunch because they want to learn SEO, Marketing etc.

You should have a clear cut idea of what your audience wants.

Here is a great example to prove this point:

Cheddar is an internet company which focusses on innovation in literally any field. They know that their audience loves to watch innovative videos that involve some useful stuff.

Just like that, you need to focus on what your audience love in your content and then triple down on that. To know more about your audience you can survey them and for that, you can use a great tool called ‘ Survey Monkey

Over To You

So these were the most important tips and tricks that will help you in crushing it in on social media in 2019. Follow all the tips mentioned above and you will witness a change in your social presence.

Now it’s your turn, go out there and make your mark upon it !