7 Tools Every Digital Marketer Wants in 2019

A digital marketer without tools is like a painter without his set of painting brushes. The market is like a canvas for a digital marketer and different types of content are his colours.

However, without advanced tools, he would be forced to stick to the traditional marketing practices which will cost him extra time and money. Also, he won’t be able to reach to a wide audience which will reduce traffic, leads and the conversion rate too will be affected.

It should be noted that only having the tools is not enough. A digital marketer should also be able to choose his arsenal wisely because incompetent tools will get him nowhere.

We decided to approach experienced digital marketers and asked about the tools they would prefer in 2019 and which of the tools have sustained the evolving market scenario.

Some digital marketers leveraged commonly used tools while some of them had a unique digital marketing approach. We filtered those tools and verified all of them by ourselves to bring some of the best tools for budding digital marketers. Here’s what we got for you:


Credit: SEJ

P. Mohanty, Marketing Manager of SEO Stack said that they use SERPSTAT for SEO and content marketing. He said that it provided their team with perfect keywords for PPC campaigns as well.

Also, it helps them evaluate keyword trends and also their values with respect to various performance standards.

SERPSTAT is a website that was developed in 2013 for SEO purposes and has evolved tremendously over the years.

It is also one of the top recommended websites for 2019. Digital marketers use it for content optimization of adverts and it also assists them in strengthening their online presence.

You can avail its free version but if you wish to avail additional features like access to hundreds of reports and deep URL analysis, then you need to switch to its premium plans.

For more information about this website please click here.

#2 Majestic

V. Meraj, Marketing head of Orient Services told us about Majestic, the site that encompasses many digital tools. One of their tools is Site Explorer which provides them complete data and statistics about the incoming links on their website.

This site has tools that provide a huge collection of backlinks and these tools let you know about the links that do not divert traffic to your website anymore.

Click here to try majestic.

#3 Vimeo

S. Kant is a digital marketing expert and has been providing her services to top brands like Adidas, Garnier, etc. She believes that video hosting brings in huge traffic for your site and that’s how top brands establish supremacy over their competitors.

She explained further about the market and told that designers use Vimeo that provides them with an ad-free experience for creating premium quality presentation videos, promotional clips and a lot more.

Vimeo was founded in 2004 and today over 80 million content creators across the world are using this platform.

Explore all the features of Vimeo here.

#4 MailChimp

S. Surendranath, the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of Digital Envidia confirmed that there is no substitute for e-mail marketing today.

He explained that MailChimp is the ultimate tool for their digital team. Along with e-mail marketing, it streamlined their internal communication and also helped them design social media posts.

Launched in 2001, MailChimp was doing great with its e-mail marketing features but digital marketers wanted more from it. Today, it helps big and small businesses with landing pages, Facebook adverts, Google ads and much more.

Moreover, it is an ideal medium for small-sized business and provides a cheaper alternative to the pricey e-mail marketing solutions.

Find out all the features of MailChimp here.

#5 Canva

Bishwas Sankar, an inspiring young entrepreneur, and owner of All India Marketing Group asserts the vitality of visual marketing. He explained how his company grew by providing digital marketing and advertising services.

Today, they need to create many images, logo designs, etc. from scratch and for that they use Canva.

Canva is an awesome online suite that encompasses a wide array of tools for creating social media adverts, brochures, booklets and much more. It also allows digital marketers to design attractive graphs, charts, Venn diagrams, etc.

Explore the visual world of Canva by clicking here.

#6 Google Ads

Credit: SEOroundtable

Google makes billions with the help of Google Ads, a platform for advertising your products and services. From this, we can estimate that a large number of people are using it for advertising their business and for promoting their brand.

To make the best use of Google Ads, Digital marketers need to identify the keywords and search queries required by a particular business or website. Sometimes, Google also conducts auctions for the sale of highly relevant keywords and queries.

For that, you need to bid for a particular keyword after which a quality score is assigned to you according to the user relevancy of your advertisement. This also determines the overall cost and position of your ad.

Understand everything about Google Ads by visiting this link.

Note: Google Ads was initially known as Google Adwords.

#7 Traackr

Credit: Traackr

Trackr is a marketing platform that enables a digital marketer to explore the influencers related to a particular market and business. Also, it allows them to perform an in-depth analysis by looking at their social media profiles and by verifying their connections.

By using this tool, digital marketers are building their own influencer list which is helping them to expand their business.

For detailed information about this tool please click here.


Digital marketers are swooning over numerous online tools and sites that provide them with readymade reports and data analysis at a minimal cost.

However, they must also be aware of the efficiency of these tools and how to use them effectively. The marketers must also identify which tools work for certain types of businesses before finalizing a marketing strategy.

The tools that we have mentioned above are the best of the lot and most of them provide free features as well. Make calibrated use of these websites and you are surely going to attract tons of clients!