Facebook Messenger Chatbot Tutorial ( 2019)

Do you want to automate your business and want more leads?

If yes then AI chatbots will help you with that. Chatbots are the future of marketing this is because they can not only do the sale for you but also they can attend your customers for any query.

Now, the question comes how can I build my own chatbot?

Here is the answer ????

Recently Larry Kim launched his company Mobile Monkey which provides services for building and integrating a chatbot to your website. It has helped many businesses by saving their time and managing the customers effectively.

So, Today I am going to share with you how you can build your own chatbot with mobile monkey.

Let’s get started…

Step #1 — Signing In

In order to use and integrate the bot, you need to sign up. For that just visit the official website of Mobile Monkey and click on login (as shown above).

Now, after you click on login you will be asked to connect your facebook account to it and after that your Facebook page on which the bot will be active.

Login in with your Facebook account.

Step#2 — Connecting Your Page

After you log in to connect your facebook page by clicking on ‘connect pages option’

So, you can see the list of pages that you connected. (In my case I have connected Crunch World demo page).

Step#3 — Building Your Chatbot

After you have connected your pages. Now, is the time to build your chatbot for that click on ‘enter chatbot builder‘ from your dashboard.

You can also name your chatbot as per your choice.

Now after you enter the bot builder you will find two options and they are as follows:

  1. Dialogues
  2. Q&A

Adding Dialogues

First, click on Dialogues. This is because this is the welcome message that your bot sends when a visitor tries to connect. Let’s configure that.

Now you need to enter your desired message. There is a folder by default that has that common welcome message. You can change it or leave it as it is.

If you want to add a new dialogue then click on ‘Add Dialogue’ from the left panel and add then dialogue.

a) I am adding ‘What is a Chatbot’ and click on save to save your question.

b) Now, click on the text to add an answer to the above query.

c) Type in your answer and click on save.

Adding Folder

a) If you want to add another folder and add your own text, click on the ‘+’ icon next to folders.

b) Create your own folder name, for example, I am creating it as ‘SEO

Now your folder is created and you can add dialogues to it by following the steps I told you earlier in this post.

Adding Question & Answer

To add a question and answer segment to your bot. Click on Q&A and then on new Q&A.

a) Now to add a question and answer segment to your bot. First, you need to enter some phrases to which bot responds with the answer you specify.

b) Now configure your answer to the question.

So whenever a person types in the similar phrase as you specified, the bot will instantly reply with the answer that you specified.

Step#4 — Integrating With Your Website

You have successfully built your chatbot and now it is the time to integrate it with your wordpress website.

a) Go to your Mobile Monkey admin panel and click on lead magnets and then you need to choose the ‘HTML Elements‘ option.

b) After that choose the ‘New HTML Element‘ option.

c) Then choose ‘Customer Chat Widget‘ option from the menu.

d) Now specify the name and add your domain to the list on which you want your bot to be active.

copy the script code and head over to your wordpress admin panel and click on appearance and then an editor.

e) In the theme editor section, you need to find the ‘Theme Footer‘ tab and then click on that to open it.

f) Update your file and refresh your website’s home page and you will see a messenger icon like this:

So I tested the bot and it was amazing. Here are some screenshots of the conversation.





So this was all about building a chatbot and integrating it on your website. Follow the steps mentioned above and build your own awesome chatbot. Mobile Monkey has tons of other cool feature about which I will tell you in the next post.