How To Get More Organic Traffic Fast? ( New Technique)

You are writing all these blog posts but the problem is you are not getting that much organic traffic to your website.

Well, guess what?

Today, I am going to change that for you.

It’s not that complicated to get more organic traffic to your website. Here in this post, I am going to share with you the no 1 technique that will help you in getting more organic traffic to your website.

This technique is even used by SEO lord ‘Brian Dean’ and it helped him increase his traffic by 260.70%.

So let’s get started…

This technique is known as ‘Content Relaunch’ and it is been proven that it helps you in getting more organic traffic to your website.

Step: 1 (Find Your Old Content)

First of all, go to your old published posts and see their rankings on Google Search Console.

You need to find the pages which rank low. Google prefers great quality content over quantity.

Search Console Data from My old site

Step:2 (Go Through The Best Post)

Go through your post and then head over to ‘Google Search’ and search for your target keyword. For example - ‘Youtube Subscribers’ and then read the best article like this:

You need to analyze what is unique in the best content and why it is performing well.

Step:3 (Gather Your Ideas)

Now is the time to gather your ideas and search for some keywords. Head over to ‘Ubersuggest’ and type in your focus keyword. It will show some great keyword ideas:

Go on and create a whole new content around these keywords but make sure you write the article for your audience and not just for the sake of ranking.

Step:4 (Promoting Your Content)

You know what?

You can only do well if you are promoting your content the right way. Just sharing a link on social media platforms will not do the work.

To get way more traction than you expect. You need to plot a perfect plan in order to get things done for your blog.

You need to build up a promotion strategy for your blog (just like the Disney):

Creating a marketing plan surely helps. So go for it.

Here’s a great article to help: The ultimate marketing guide (2019 edition)

Step:5 ( Wait and let the Magic Happen)

Photo by Mervyn Chan on Unsplash

It is not an instant process so keep on practising the stuff again and again and over time what you will find is your posts are performing better than ever on Google search.

Waiting doesn’t mean that you don’t need to anything, it means that you do not need to panic even if things don’t go the way you want.

What do you need to do after posting and promoting?

So, after you have finished your writing and promoting part, now is the time to hit everyone up to share your content. You need to send personalised emails to each and everyone out there of your industry.

You need to build some connections with people. Building honest connections will help you in getting people back to your site again and again. Also, it helps you in building your brand.

Tools To be Used

  1. SEMRUSH: You can use this tool for keyword research, generating awesome content ideas and much more stuff.

2. Ubersuggest: It is another great tool and the best part it is totally free. It will help in getting long tail keyword ideas and also it helps you by telling you the difficulty level for each keyword.

3. Buzzsumo: This tool is the best when it comes to finding what type of content is trending all over the internet. It helps you in structuring your content according to what people love to share.

Over to you

So, this was all about the new technique ‘Content Relaunch’ that will help in ranking higher on Google within a short span of time. Make sure you follow all the tips mentioned above.