Top 6 Google Ranking Signals In 2019

What are Google Ranking signals? Do you know that Google uses more than 200 ranking factors to rank a website or page on the first page?

A ranking signal is the indications that tell Google that your website is relevant for its users and can provide great value to them. These ranking signals help you in ranking your website better on SERPs.

Search engines use these signals in order to rank a web page for a searched keyword.

# 1 — Branding Of Your Website

Branding of your website is very important because this tells Google that your website is popular and believe me this is the single factor that can shot up your rankings in no time.

For example — Coca Cola a famous beverage brand has more than 70M followers but back in the day, they did not have this massive fan following.

What did they do in order to get this much fan following? They consistently improved their user experience and got positive feedback for their product. This tells Google that the brand is popular as more and more people perform searches for Coca-Cola.

So try to build and create awareness about your brand.

#2 — Optimize For User Search Query

An important Google ranking signal that helps Google in understanding how valuable your website and whether it satisfies its users or not.

If people are reviewing your content as great or good or they are rating it. This will help you in ranking higher for that user query if your content is great in users eyes.

In a recent study by the market leaders, Moz reveals that review signals account for about 80 % of the ranking for a keyword search:

#3 — Word Count

You know things change drastically and so as Google Ranking Signals does. They keep on changing so that to improve google search results.

Earlier writing super thorough content was must in order to rank but today it depends what the searches want. So keep your content appropriate for your readers. Try to be to the point and do not stretch small topics too long.

Search metrics studies and data show that word count between 1400–2526 is the best for ranking.

#4 — Links And SEO

Link building and that too high quality is a hard job. Also using your target keyword in your title tag is and meta description is a dinosaur tactic. Quality links ensure high rankings and SEO is responsible for about 21% of the ranking signals on Google.

Take a look at this data below:

Getting more links helps in ranking higher. Avoid keyword stuffing and try to get links from other quality websites.

#5 — Social Signals

Social signals are the key signs that help Google in analyzing how popular is your website is on social media.

If your content is great and it’s being shared all over the social media then your rankings will shot up as you will get more and more shares.

#6 — User Retention

User retention is another factor in our 6 important Google ranking signals list. Well, user retention is based on the factors like — bounce rate, click through rate. It tells Google how users are engaging on your website and with your contents.

Create great content and your user retention other users with your contents. That will help you increase your user retention.

Over to you

So this was all about the 6 most important Google ranking signal that accounts for about 80% of ranking on SERPs. Go after these 6 signals and guess what?

You will find your website in Google’s top 10.