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SEO Genius Week #6 Update

This is week 6 of our SEO Genius club.

Our goal?

To learn SEO and make money.

Here’s how we did…

TEA: Optimization

Week 6’s progress: 42% (3/7)

What Did You Do?

  • Optimized Homepage

What Did You Learn?

Don’t use page builders (like Elementor). Instead, use GeneratePress (theme) and GenerateBlocks (homepage builder)

Why Is It Important?

Speeds up website = higher rank

How Will You Apply It?

Currently optimizing homepage.

Plan for Next Week?

  1. Finish website optimization

Scott: Keyword Research

Week 6’s progress: 20% (3/15 modules)

What Did You Do?

  • Keyword research
  • Found compelling competitors
  • Learned new keyword research tactic

What Did You Learn?

Keywords Research Tactic:

1. Type niche into keyword explorer

2. Add to “include” words that target commercial keywords (best, review, etc.)

3. Explore this, or further target with new keyword categories (ex. type of stove, type of pan, etc)

Why Is It Important?

Allows me to further target keyword categories that are getting more traffic for less authority.

How Will You Apply It?

Continue to experiment with this strategy.

Plan for Next Week?

  1. Finishing keyword research (reach 50 keywords)/module 3.

(Rocky’s Side Note: That’s what I’m talking about, Scott! You’re about to kill keyword research ;)

Abdul-Rahman Mostafa: Build Website

Week 6’s progress: 28% (4/14 modules)

What Did You Do?

  • Picked out and purchased domain
  • Registered for hosting on siteground
  • Completed basic set up for site and wordpress

What Did You Learn?

Briefly introduced to the following tools and plugins and how to do initial setup on my site:

- google analytics

- google search console

- Rankmath

Why Is It Important?

These tools and plugins are important for tracking site progress and helping SEO.

How Will You Apply It?

Already applied on to my site :)

Plan for Next Week?

I plan on developing my site branding next week.

(Rocky’s Side Note: DAANNGGG! Great progress, brother ;) You’re almost ready to begin writing content.)

ROCKY: Link Bait

Week 6’s progress: 66% (2/3 modules)

What Did You Do?

  • Finished Link Bait Module

What Did You Learn?

Link Bait is the best kind of link building.

Why Is It Important?

It’ll be my new method of link building. I used to spend 80% of my time guest posting.


I will work towards 0% of my time spent on guest posting.

The reason is simple:

Link bait is the most sustainable way to link build at scale.

How Will You Apply It?

  1. Study competitor’s link bait strategies (content, images, etc.)
  2. Apply strategy to own site
  3. Guest post those new link bait assets

Plan for Next Week?

  1. Find 50+ untapped forum keywords
  2. Create SOP of method
  3. Send to Tea
  4. Optional: Begin link bait research




A group of friends trying to learn SEO in 12 weeks by studying and practicing.

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