Day 17 — How to become a world authority in less than 3 years.

credit Alex Klopcic

STEPS TO BECOME AN AUTHORITY (or something like that)

Launch a Blog → easiest thing ever.

Social Media

I Published a Book (not a great one)

I published a Better Book

I Gave the bloody book for free

I took advantage of the Trends

I Talked about things nobody wanted to talk about

I hammered QUORA

I became infamous

Video Marketing.


Did I crush it?

I Build my email list.

I Build My OWN Facebook group.

I started to sell small products

I spoke on Events FOR FREE

Me in London 1 day after my wedding in Italy

I Interview awesome people in this industry.



Offered myself to be interviewed

Udemy as a Launch Platform

Launched my own Courses = my own platform.


I Aimed Higher

I Increased my price.

I burned the vessels.

I Offered Free help.

I offered coaching

Outsourced, outsourced, outsource.

Partnered with my competitors.

Google vs Branding

What Didn’t work for me

I didn’t manage stress properly

I wasn’t doing it for the right reasons:

Day #17 Stats Goanna Social



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