Day 18 — Why I don’t read anymore books written by Tim Ferris

When people are free to do as they please, they usually imitate each other.
Eric Hoffer

Gary V, Casey Neistat, Tony Robbins, Tim Ferris… Neil Patel… they are all amazing marketers, authors, creators… their content reaches million of people every single day.

People love them. People consider them icons, gurus, it’s almost like a religion.

You just need to go to one of Tony events to realised how loved the guy is.. and for sure in you compile what his event tries to convey , his core message it’s extremely valuable.

In so many entrepreneur, educators, online personalities, there are nuggets of wisdom and I only have the most respect for those content creators and entrepreneurs.

For years I used to consume their content like a junkie .

I was hungry for everything they had to stay….

But since I stopped consuming their content my life it’s simply better.

You see, we only see 1 side of the hussle, of the message, of the video.

We see Casey Neistat amazing life, and epic videos, but we ignore that what we see is not real life

We only see the mega achievers, the top performers, the iconic entrepreneurs, but we don’t see the full side of the picture.

~ And that’s my problem ~

In my tiny word… I’m attracted to the humanity behind entrepreneurs, to their full and real story…

I’m no-one to criticize their style, their content or their legacy ~ because clearly they are on top of their game ~but what we see… it’s not always what it’s really going on

It’s an image, and sometimes we can’t understand that the image we get is just “an images”


I’m tired of witnessing entrepreneurs feeling unproductive, feeling defeated.. feeling just not good enough…

When you see a video that has been edited, when you see a conference that has been practice over and over, when you get the same pitch that has been split tested… you get a product, not a real person.

I’m not saying Tim, Gary, Tony, Casey are not real… but I will dare to say the version we consume is Instagram version of who they really are.

That’s why I stopped consuming their content.

Because over consuming content is the fastest way to get information poisoning.

Personally I couldn’t watch another video of someone telling me “there is a new system” … or telling me I HAVE TO SNAPCHAT…. or telling me why the work harder than me…. and to be honest I can’t keep up videos telling me to CRUSH IT!!! and HUSSSSSLE MORE ….

Sorry guys, but our brain can only achieve a certain level of productivity and comparing our life to others take us nowhere.

I know what you are thinking….

“I don’t want it bad enough”

“I’m not hungry enough”

I will never be the next Gary Vaynerchuck… and you are damm bloody right.

… when I started this game, I wanted to build an empire, I wanted to be like Grant Cardone, and I wanted to have the fancy car.. and the mega house… until I started to analyse the people behind the videos.

Are they happier?
Are they the type of people I want to be like?
Are they like the way I want my kids to remember me ?

Do I really want to be like Tie Lopez? Or like Gary V? or Tim?

Do I want to showcase my value based on a car, a house with many rooms.. or how much my business made last year, or how many hours I work per week without stopping to smell the roses
No thanks

Yes. I quit.
It’s time for me to stop reading Neil Patel blogs tell me what a great marketer he is, and time for me to stop reading how Tim Ferris is bio hacking his life one experiment a the time or how Gary V tweets 256 time per day while he has a Videographer recording his constant neurotic hustle.

No thanks.

Time to stop

Time to stop feeling envy of people that I don’t know and people that are not vulnerable enough to inspire my sympathy.

VULNERABILITY WINS MY RESPECT… not Masterminds, blueprints, profits or number of video blogs.

Let’s face it… I’m not the mega entrepreneur. I will never be in Founders Magazine.

I’m not a human hacker.

I’m not always hustling and I’m not screaming FAMILY FIRST while I work 80 hours per week.

I’m just “doing”… without comparing, without measuring my success in the entrepreneur scale.

Our need to measure success needs to be the way we taste ice cream or the way water feels on our skin when we jump on the sea.

Unique. Incomparable. Impossible to judge. Intimate.

Your path, your success, your journey , It’s a unique experience and we need to stop looking for ideas, checklists or how other people are achieving their goals.

Day #18 Stats Goanna Social

Day #18 Hours worked: -

Overal Hours worked: 106

Funds: $19055.25 AUD

Spent : —

Overall Income : $7500

$10.000 AUD
$2300 USD

Phone calls: 0

Emails sent: 0

FB / Lead generation interaction: 1

Active Leads: 4

Proposals sent: -

Feeling: Good

75 days to go

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