Day 23 — Why Marketers are just full of … and why YOU know more than us

~~~ This is day 23 of a 90 day process. You can read the start of my path here of follow the full story here. ~~~

If you are going to hire a marketer… any marketer… think twice.

Think twice before WE tell you how much we understand YOUR WORLD. YOUR INDUSTRY ~~ before you tell you how amazing our conversion rate is… and how epic our SEO is…. how great we are at marketing … (and how much you suck therefor you need to hire us)

You see, marketers love one thing more than anything: Their ego.

And the best thing we do, as marketers, it’s to tell the business owners what they are doing it all wrong .

Oh yes, we are experts in telling you what you are doing wrong with your business…. why? Because WE ARE EXPERTS!

After 12 years working in the marketing industry, I have never met any marketer that confess that a site has a PERFECT SEO.

or a marketer that is honest enough to claim that a company it’s better at marketing than him or her.


I never meet a marketing company that confesses, that their client knows more than them.. or a marketing agency that is humble enough to confess a failure in their strategy.


Time to stop saying that


that we know it al..

Time to stop trying to impress you about how much we know about your brick and mortar business, when many of us have never owned a brick and mortar business in the first place.

Time to listen and facilitate…

time to listen and stop pretending we care.

Because if we do so… then change will happen . That’s when things will start to improve for the client….

When we stop talking about us, and our ego… and let the client help us understand what they know about the industry, is when we as marketing experts will raise the bar …

that’s when we will become something more than “another marketing person… but instead an asset for our clients.

Day #23 Stats Goanna Social

Day #23 Hours worked: 7

Overal Hours worked: 150

Funds: $17700 AUD

Spent today : $300 in php coder

Overall Income : $12500

Clients Pending : 3

Invoiced total

Phone calls: 2

Emails sent: 4

FB / Lead generation interaction: 3

Active Leads: 6

Proposals sent:

Feeling: OKAY

67 days to go

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