Day 28 — The real Art is in the daily grind (not in the mega fancy goals)

So I’m almost 50% of my goal economical goal at just 28 days … not bad!

So the question is… Should I buy a Ferrari and tell the world how amazing I am… #lookatme ?
or should I go quiet and realise that the glory it’s in the daily task vs in the overall plan.


Today Goanna Social has achieved another victory business wise… I’m proud. I’m happy. I’m exhausted….

But the main victory so far is that TIME is now part of my ninja skills.
Yes. I’m the Time King… and time management is my secret Ninja weapon…

To be honest building an agency it’s easy, climbing a mountain it’s easy…. the difficult thing is to find the time to do it.

The more I face and work in this 90 day challenge, the more I understand the goal it’s to survive the challenge itself... and not to be 100% strict with specifics goals define on the start of my path.

Write daily (even if the publishing happens one day later) sell daily, grow daily, eat daily, love your family daily, provide value, sleep… do it all over over. Every day. Without bitching. Being humble. Being committed .

That’s it’s … that’s the secret of success. (No courses, no ebooks to buy here)

The secret is one:

The repetition of smaller tasks that achieve greatness.

And Greatness comes from the art of being productive in private. Of achieving milestones in private. Of improving in silence. Of selling when nobody else is selling….. on working when my competitors are watching Netflix…

Daily. Daily . Daily… like a mantra

Day #28 Stats Goanna Social

Day #28 Hours worked: 14 (started at 5 am finished at 9 pm) I’m dead

Overal Hours worked: 182

Funds: $16200 AUD

Overall Income : $26100

Clients Pending : 2

Phone calls: 1

Emails sent: 0

FB / Lead generation interaction: 1

Active Leads: 4

Feeling: Happy

63 days to go

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