Day 31 — This is the Blueprint to sell marketing services — READ NOW.

This is what people want, the blueprint, the template , the copy and paste solution. Since I started that’s what people ask me all the time

what template did you use?

how many emails did you sent?

what did you write?

what did you sell?

how much did you charge?

what did you wear?

and after they get the answer… they go try to implement and then they fail.


We are addicted to the BLUEPRINT

the lazy 1, 2, 3 that will take us from ZERO money to passive income.


And although in a subconscious level, we know that no blueprint actually may help us if we are not willing to put the hard yard… we keep looking for the next easy scheme, for the next easy process, for the “secret” nobody want to reveals, (unless is in a Facebook Ads with an optin form)

I’m afraid we are addicted to the blueprint, the the next solution, to the guru, to the motivational speaker, to the next strategy, to think we are growth hackers, to Tony Robbins, to the next Morning Ritual….. but what about our own blueprint.

Aren’t we ignoring what we are doing and instead following so many steps that we forget to walk.?

Day #31 Stats Goanna Social

Day #31 Hours worked: 12

Overal Hours worked: 202

Original Funds: $15,800 AUD

Overall Income : $27,900

Clients Pending : 2

Phone calls: 0

Emails sent: 20!

FB / Lead generation interaction: 3

Active Leads:1

Feeling: Okay

59 days to go

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