Day 34 — Fire yourself. Become 100% unemployable and wait…

Joshua Earle

Fire yourself, in the same way, I asked a client of mine to FIRE ME today…

It’s time to let them go if they don’t believe I’m just amazing.

Fire me.

Let me go… close the door and push me towards a new situation where I have to start again. → that is what we should ask our clients to do with us.

Agencies, freelancers, designers, consultants, tend to live in a nest of fear.. scared of losing their 2, 3, 5 whales that bring them their main income, and while doing that, they lose the capacity to enjoy their reality.

Their freedom.

Their capacity to start every day new

The capacity to re-invent yourself

To chose a new niche

To dominate or fail

To play….

Life is an Arcade and you have to change the game at any stage.
You don’t need coins, you just need to be willing to play.

So fire yourself, change the standards, ask yourself for a pay rise…


You are the boss of your own life… ask yourself for a pay rise!

Change of office, get the one with the window that faces the ocean… or in fact, screw the office, burn it down… fire yourself and never go back to your mental office, and free yourself by becoming unemployable.

Become impossible to hire and impossible to ignore

Become impossible to insert in a box and impossible not to ask for advice when designing a box.
Be your ideal client.
Write a new contract
Make yourself proud

Get the best job your heart wants you to achieve
and wait…. wait for it….

Pretty amazing things happen when you fire yourself from the life you don’t want to live right now.

Day #34 Stats Goanna Social

Day #34 Hours worked: 8

Overal Hours worked: 218

Original Funds: $15,200 AUD

Overall Income : $30500

Clients Pending : 3

Phone calls: 2

Emails sent: 20

FB / Lead generation interaction: 5

Active Leads: a few

Feeling: Okay

57 days to go

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