Day 38: Evolution is when you fire a client — not the other way around

Dear client: I’m afraid I have to leave.

It’s not me. It’s you.

You see. I tried. I tried to explain to you that your company it’s YOUR company and my job is to empower you to market better, to help you grow your audience, to give you the wind you need to put your sailboat and SAIL…

But you refused to put the sail up…

You refused to even put the boat in the water…

You just asked me to buy the boat, sail for you, outsource the wind and make you enjoy the sailing experience.

So I have to fire you Mr Client.

Mainly because marketing is not one way street… in fact Marketing is like dancing SALSA… and in your case, you can’t dance, you have no rhythm and every time I make one move you step on my toes …

Trust me. I’m Latino. We can’t dane any longer.

Although is hard… firing you, not only frees my resources to produce more awesome results for my clients, but free you from someone that challenges your mediocrity. 
Yes, with our breakup, you will be free from someone that makes you uncomfortable about not having a plan or care about it’s execution.

So that’s it.

Short but sweet.

You will be fine.

You will miss me once you realised that you can’t replace awesomeness so easy and one day you will come back to witness how my rates have doubled (just for you).

Being selective with who I work, improves my values, improves the quality of my work and makes me feel like a million bucks. Try it yourself. It’s worth it.

Day #38 Stats Goanna Social

Day #38 Hours worked: 2(on holidays)

Overal Hours worked: 232

Original Funds: $14.500 AUD

Overall Invoiced : $40.000 +

Clients Pending : 2

Phone calls: 1

Emails sent: 0

FB / Lead generation interaction: 0

Active Leads: a few

Feeling: Relaxed

52 days to go

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