Day 45: What if things are as good as they are?

When I climbed Mount Kilimanjaro I wondered one thing over and over and over.. at every single stage of the climb.

Is this the best view of the mountain?
Is this the most impressive look of Africa? 
Is this the best point … or maybe on the next camp?

Yes — I was obsessed looking for the best point. Expecting that next hill, the next camp was going to be even better, even more impressive.

It’s human nature.

We always think that our future. will bring something better… but what if …. what if .. things RIGHT NOW are as good as they will ever get.


What if things will never get any better — than they are RIGHT NOW.

What if tomorrow was the best day you you will ever have with your family, with your friends, with your loved ones…

What if this is it… NO MORE “FUTURE”

What is there is nothing else. or at least nothing more exciting than the way you feel today.

What if there is nothing better in the future, not because you are lazy, or unproductive. but just because there is nothing else.


Just like the people that died in the Titanic, didn’t realise that the last dance they had, was the best dance of their life…

Today I realised… that may be THIS COULD HAVE BEEN THE BEST MOMENT OF MY LIFE… and maybe my kids would never love me more than they did today and that my wife would never be as happy with me as she was today.


May be my agency will never grow as much as it has growth until now… and may be after today I will achieve plateau and TODAY IS AS GOOD AS IT GETS.

No more growth. No more hustle. No more pushing….

— — Scary — — ?

Or liberating?


Tomorrow I’m living my life like if it was the best day I ever had.

Day #45 Stats Goanna Social

Day #45 Hours worked: 4 (Sunday)

Overal Hours worked: 274

Original Funds: $12.200 AUD

Overall Invoiced : $43.500 +

New client achieved.

Clients Pending : 2

Phone calls: 0

Emails sent: 2

FB / Lead generation interaction: 0

Active Leads: 3

Feeling: — -

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