Day 48: Maradona didn’t stop. So why should I?

Let’s talk about Entrepreneurship…. shall we?
Screw that

Let’s talk About Maradona instead. — and if you don’t know who Maradona was….. you need to unfollow me RIGHT NOW → actually my wife didn’t know who Maradona was.. (and that really really broke my heart).

Maradona. The God. The Unicorn…

The guy that after winning the World Cup in 86 ( I was 9 back then…) he kept going… he kept playing… he kept trying, he kept training.

Every year better, every year more eccentric.

Maradona won the World Cup, but at the same time… he did it without a single care about what the world though of him.

You see he helped Argentina won the world cup with a goal using his own hand… and even then he he was happy to claim that it wasn’t his hand that scored the goal… it was the HAND OF GOD…


Yes. Diego Armando Maradona was the BOSS… Forget Tony Soprano. Dieguito was the real deal.


There has only been ONE …. and although you may claim PELE or Ronaldo were (are) the greatest, Maradona had the attitude…

he was the easiest one to hate, he was the Enfant Terrible of soccer, and I like that. I like attitude.

Maradona didn’t care about anything, or about anyone. The guy just wanted to win. 
Zero Fucks Given…every day, every match. 
Just play the game and try to be BIGGER THAN THE GAME itself.

And he did.

He did just that.

He didn’t stop.

He played

He scored more than the others.

And that’s why was so easy to hate him and love him

Even when he was fat, and “slow”…. he went back to another World Cup to impress, to dance, to make you go WOW.

To score.

To show the middle finger to the world….

Winning is not about looking at the Gold medal that you just won. Winning is all about selling the Gold in that medal and investing it in your own victory, in your next victory, in a new comeback

20K recurrent per month has been achieved…

.Maradona didn’t quit… so it’s time to look further. Can I make it 40K recurrent in 90 days? Let’s see …. shall we?

Let’s play.

I am black or white, I’ll never be grey in my life. Maradona

Day #48 Stats Goanna Social

Hours worked: 10

Overal Hours worked: 297

Invoiced: $49000+

Received: $32000

Team size: 7

Clients Pending : 2

Phone calls: 0

Emails sent: 17

FB / Lead generation interaction: 1

Active Leads: 4

Proposals sent: 1

Feeling: Good

42 days go to

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