Day 69: It’s about doing what you don’t want to do. DAILY

It’s not about finding your passion. It’s about doing those things that your competition refuse to do. (because sometimes those things are the breadcrumbs we need to follow)

That’s all. That is the bloody secret. Boring as hell… but effective.

That’s why some many people are better than me. Because they DO.

Passion or no passion. Forget about the details.

Just do the tasks, follow the steps, eat your vegetables, stop doing dumb shit and do the things you need to do. (you already know the blueprint, follow your instinct ).

Yes. Let me repeat this.

Do your homework

Do your homework

Do your homework

Do your homework

Do your homework

Do your homework

Do your homework



and before you comment “hey ! If I don’t want I can outsource it…” then my dear Donkey Entrepreneur you are missing the point.

Outsourcing is OKAY

But only when you have earned the right to outsource.

You can’t outsource work ethic

you can’t outsource discipline

You can’t outsource dedication

You can’t outsource sacrifice

you can’t outsource being kind with others

you can’t outsource to respect the process

you can’t outsource the important of providing value

you can’t outsource having courage… when you are scared and you want to quit

you can’t outsource going against the trend. ..

…….Be brave about what you want to achieve…

So here is some advice

Stop focusing in the Cool-Aid of life, and go back to the basics.

Listen to your mum

Take care of your body

Forget about what people think, say, or what they will expect you to do…
And do the things you need to do, to be where you want to be.

Start now.

Start doing the things you have always refused to do.

Write if you suck at writing

Start that business

Make your first sales call

Speak in a public event

Try to come up with a new invention

Try Yoga for the first time (I know I suck at it)

or stop over thinking and just launch for God Sake.


4 letters for you


P U S H …. who you are and go to the place where you think you can’t.

P U S H …. regardless of your age, family situation, background, history, past, personal dramas, fears or excuses.

P U S H …. and do those things that will make you proud of who you are in a few years

P U S H …. for the person you want your family to remember you by.

L O V E …. the challenge

L O V E…. to inspire others

L O V E … the game and working your ass off until you master it

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