Quitting the Digital Agency Lifestyle

This year has been an interesting one for me.

Bush Fires, pandemic, horrible failures in the stock market, huge emotional growth, fitness success, family deaths, raising kids.. and the quick realisation that I truly… truly hated my job.

A job that was created by me, a job that I literally designed it. A job that was my business.

Yep, I created the lifestyle that now I can’t wait to leave behind.

I think I came to that “aha moment”, during the Australian Bush fires.

I saw the red sky outside my window and I said to myself… imagine if I die today as a “marketer” … and not as an adventurer, and explorer, a writer, a maverick, a Spartan (well not Spartan, but that would be pretty epic…)

Yes, the idea of dying as a marketer was terrifying.
Gabriel Machuret died during the bush fires while developing websites for clients — he was a marketer.

Fuck that shit — I though
No Thanks.

During the Fires

My name is Gabriel Machuret (Jean-Gabriel) and for years I have been the marketer, the internet guy, the SEO man, the App marketing growth hacker… and with each client… I slowly started to literally despite each of the jobs/services I was providing.

It happens to many of us, we just stop falling in love with our craft.

Fully Burned out.

And although the path that I chose, gave a level of economical independence, it also made me a slave of the computer screen, clients, the fear of losing a big account and the constant “chase” for the big next deal.

Big deals, big clients, better paid, more stress, more calls, and off course, more dam horrible Zoom meetings.

….How many zoom meetings a man can take before he dies slowly screaming help me…. how connected do we need to be???’???

I made a lot of money and with money my ego increased but not my satisfaction levels.

I was making more money but money wasn’t bringing the joy.

‘Money wasn’t the problem, was the business model — find me a joyful agency owner and I will find you a dozen of Unicorns that can scuba dive.

I felt that I had slaved myself building businesses for others, while my own business was like a hamster on a magical and expensive wheel…

Don’t get me wrong.
I’m grateful, learning internet marketing provided the resources required for me to build many businesses, those businesses gave me the resources for me to raise my children as a single father. My agency years gave me the opportunity to support my children, have a great home, travel, enjoy so-called “luxuries”

So now it is time to start a new challenge

Why not huh? Best time to start a new business is during a world pandemic — right?

3 years ago, I decided to launch a digital marketing agency in 90 days with a recurrent income of 20K per month. I achieved that goal, (in fact I documented it all here in Medium) and although the challenged almost killed me, I continue with the idea of growing the agency, without understanding that my real goal was completely different one.

My real goal was zero dependency from anyone else.

In other words: I wanted to achieve financial independence, full autonomy, a business that could literally be there for me and not a business for me to be there — and where I didn’t have to deal with assholes = clients from hell or

That’s why I decided to blog again about this new process, here in Medium, in the same publication that I used to announced my 90 day challenge to build an agency , 3 years ago.

This is my first post about an insane path to build a 50K recurrent business per month.

Why 50k? No idea,

The figure is symbolic. I don’t think anyone needs that amount of money, but I will use 50 as a number, as a beacon, and as a way to document a story, that if it works, would be a good dam story.

It’s not easy to burn the vessels, many of my friends know I have been playing with fuel ready to burn them for years.

It’s scary to start fresh at 43… but it’s also a bit exciting when you have butterflies in your belly and you know that deep inside those butterflies will push you to be smarter, lean and overall fearless in the longterm.

I will be fine. This is a piece of cake compared to previous challenges — I keep telling myself.

This is the path to 50K recurrent with a lead generation business for small business owners in Australia / USA. (More about the business model later on)

A path inspired by the concept of true independence, and a business engineered 100% to adapt to vision of a new way of life, with my kids and my loved ones.

Want to follow up? Follow me, press the heart button and stay tuned. You never know…




Building a lead generation business one site at the time

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