SEO Career — A Boon or a Bane?

Huh? Yeah. This is the talk of the SEO town these days and a daydreaming question running in my mind, whether my SEO career is a boon or a bane, after reading through hundreds of “SEO is dead” and “SEO is no more” blogs and discussion forums. Working in this SEO industry for more than 5 years, I strongly trust that every passionate SEO treats his job as a boon but it’s the market situation that converts it as a bane. But the fear of SEO getting endangered is still prevailing.

Let me tell you my SEO career story before jumping into a proper conclusion on this.
 I am basically an engineer. When I looked for a job after completing my course, I was offered a job immediately, but I was waitlisted to join. I retained my patience for a long time and after getting disappointed on their infinite answer, I started searching for another job and attended an interview in a small company. Though I have applied for developer role, the boss of that company suggested me to take up the search engine optimizer position. Accidentally, I got into the stream of search engine optimization and here I am.
 When I was a beginner in search engine optimization, I pretended myself like an automatic directory submitter or an article spinner and finished all the tasks assigned by my manager at the earliest. This is how I worked 9 am — 6 pm before 5 years.
 9 am- 10 am — Submit to 20 directories
 10 am — 11 am — Submit to 25 bookmarking sites
 11 am — 12 am — Write a blog
 12 am — 1 pm — Lunch break
 1 pm — 3 pm — Re-write the blog in 5 different ways
 3 pm — 5 pm — Submit to 20 article directories
 5 pm — 6 pm — Prepare a daily task report and submit to manager
 My boss failed to describe me the benefits of these submissions and I didn’t have enough time to gain more knowledge through blogs. All I was supposed to do is to have the URL, title, Meta tags and description typed in a word doc and copy paste it wherever possible. I even got few appreciation mails that I have built a notable number of valid backlinks to the website. It was that easy to accomplish.
 Days passed by. Every submission had the equal and opposite reaction. Excitement and joy got added into my usual routine, when I had my new website gained 0 page rank in few days, when my website moved to the top SERP position and when I experienced a huge increase in organic traffic.
 I applied to pursue my SEO career in another company and I was able to upgrade my position and my salary as well, since I have attained an encouraging confidence level and knowledge at that time. All these 5 years, though the SEO promotion tactics got differed based on Google algorithms, it certainly gained some good benefits. It wasn’t easy and predictable, but yet lead us to a certain success level.
 But now with Google direct answers, voice search and knowledge graph emerging to the skies, I can clearly predict a definite warning on SEO dependency in the upcoming years. Every algorithm update or an acquisition is a huge threat to search engine optimizers and this made me to think whether my SEO career and work experience is a boon or a bane!
 I recently read a quote — SEO is getting harder, but that high barrier to entry means great opportunity for those who succeed. Is there anyone who really believes this? Share your thoughts on the same.
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