99 problems but a VISA doesn’t have to be one

Let me tell you a quick personal story:

I taught English for five years (middle school, elementary school, hagwon, you name it). I fell out of love with it in year number two, but I wasn’t sure how to go about starting a new career. I figured if I got a permanent residency visa first, the opportunities would come. Heck, it worked for my friends!

Flashing forward: years three and four (of teaching) were spent in Korean classrooms, working towards the mythical F-Visa of expat lore. Three weeks before my program was to come to an end (and I would triumphantly march into the Immigration Office to make it rain documents)…


…the officials changed the game on me: suddenly my two Bachelors of Arts were devalued and my income bracket was insufficient. It’d take me years to get the points necessary.

I was heartbroken (still not over it; hence this post). But, in year five, I realized my approach was all wrong: you don’t prop the door of opportunity open and cross your fingers that one walks through. No… You kick that door down and pursue your dreams like that’s the only thing there is. I gave up on the points system visa and openly pursued my passions…which eventually led me to the correct visa. #livedhappilyeverafter

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-gp, editor