The Info You Came Here For: All About Us

Yongsan, baby~

So you heard about the Seoul Global Startup Center and you’re googling us because, well, free…

Techies rejoice: we’re located right near the Electronics Market!
  • legal, accounting, consulting, and mentoring services
  • office space in Yongsan (smack dab in the center of Seoul)
  • and…equity-free seed money

…all seem too good to be true.

Look at you, savvy startup entrepreneur; congrats on your due diligence! I’ve got some good news for you…it is true. And, you can have it all.

But, of course, you wouldn’t take candy from a stranger… We know you have questions, and that’s what this post is all about: getting to know one another.

Funded by the city government (thanks, We Seoul U right back!), the Seoul Global Startup Center just got off the ground THIS MONTH (July 2016)! The mission is simple: help expats and foreigners develop their startups and small enterprises. What do we expect from you in return? Nothing less than 100%. It’s your dream, let’s make it happen together.

Do we have an understanding? Good.

Here’s step one: click right here to fill out your application (might want to hurry up though, the July 29th deadline is inching closer every second!).

Got more questions, suggestions, or just want to get in touch to say hi?

  • Check out our sweeeeeet website right here:
  • We love it when you write us… direct your love to APPLY@SEOULSGC.COM
  • or you can call us at 02–783–4511 or fax us old-school at 02–783–1016.

We literally can.not.wait to hear from you, but the ball’s in your court. Make the first move^^ Oh, and do us a favor and bookmark this blog, check back from time to time, we’ll make it worth your while.

-gp, editor