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《记》昨天看了一个YouTube视频后简单写了一段感触,后我的发小写给我这么一段话:“这种racist连我女儿们都常常遭遇,好几次舞蹈比赛上台领奖时被各种主持人用中文打招呼,还问你们是从中国哪里来的,心里象吃了苍蝇似的难受,但又不知说什么,只能表明我们是美国人,加州来的!“ 我发小的两个美丽小女儿是美国生美国长的美国人,这样的事情难道还不能引起我们的反思吗?!于是将此文认真编排一下,保存下来!(11/01/2020

Watched the YouTube video below, it’s outrageous and chillingly sad! Tell you the truth, I could never understand Trump’s supporters, especially some Chinese, who do you think you’re, in Trump’s eyes, you’re a “Chink”, you’re a “Kung flu”, you’re a “Chinese plague”?!

There’re only 3-days left, we’d know who will be the next American President. I’ve never been as anxious as now, even though I’m confident that there’re many kind and courageous souls in this world, but I also realize there’re periods in human history when Satan prevailed, but we always passed, and we shall pass this time again, those dark and cold periods in human history. At the end, God is always here with us!People say: “Trump didn’t make America racist; he made the racist comfortable enough to show their face in public.”

I’m praying, praying for more and more people to wake up! Please wake up, your rationality, your sympathy and empathy, and your sense of dignity…… !

看了这个YouTube视频后,我出离愤怒,不寒而栗! 老实说,我从来都无法理解川普的拥戴者,尤其是一些中国人,你以为你是谁,去支持他?在川普眼里,你只不过是“ 斜缝眼的中国人”,你只不过是“ 功夫流感”,你只不过是“中国鼠疫” !



我祈祷,祈祷越来越多的人们能够觉醒!请醒来吧 – – 你的理智,你的同情心和同理心,还有你那做人的尊严!

Here’s the video – –

Here’s another one which may make you laugh, but at the same time, are you like me, feeling hopelessly sad and frustrated because we’ve such a president ?




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