Alkira Builds a Bridge to the Clouds

Apr 15, 2020 · 2 min read
Alkira Founders, Amir Khan & Atif Khan

By: Bill Coughran

Many companies are enthusiastic about moving their networks and services to one or more of the public clouds. Especially for a large, mature company, the advantages are clear: computing and storage capacity as well as varied services are elastic; and it focuses valuable engineering resources on tasks that propel the business, rather than internal operational complexities.

But shifting legacy systems to public clouds can be challenging. Enterprises with their own on-premise servers and networks are used to legacy networking systems, which is not how public clouds expose their networking technology. This gap along with confusion about access and security controls can make a hybrid multi-cloud migration daunting.

Solving that problem is what makes Alkira a compelling software company. It provides a bridge from the world that enterprises have used for years to a more nimble, multi-cloud world.

We welcomed the opportunity to partner with Alkira not only because of its clearly useful subscription service, but also because of our strong relationship and previous experience working with Amir and Atif Khan at Viptela. Amir, Atif, and the Alkira team combine networking and now cloud expertise with a keen sense of what customers need — Sequoia Capital is thrilled to work with Alkira to bring the first on-demand multi-cloud, services-centric network to the business community.

We look forward to Alkira’s success in making businesses run faster and more efficiently.

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