CaptivateIQ Brings Sales Commissions into the 21st Century

CaptivateIQ founders: Hubert Wong, Mark Schopmeyer, and Conway Teng
  • The commission administrator. In the case of many sales operations employees, sales commission is the most tedious and mundane part of their job. They are managing a large amount of complexity, often in dozens of spreadsheets. This becomes very time consuming. In the words of one user at a ~150 person tech company, “It was sucking up every weekend near month end. We connected with CaptivateIQ and it gave my life back.”
  • The payee. Historically, a payee might get a line-item of what they earned in commission during the month. This is often unsatisfactory and results in the payee scrutinizing every part of the calculation in their own excel sheet. In the words of another customer “The biggest thing CaptivateIQ solved was giving visibility to our reps around their pay-up. Historically, they got a line-item on their pay-statement. They would Slack everyone in finance and ask which of the 30 different deals went in. CaptivateIQ has brought us clarity and brought down all that noise.”
  • The sales leader. The sales leader wants their sales operations team focused on more pressing issues than calculating compensation. CaptivateIQ takes a redundant task out of the equation, enabling the sales teams to focus on what matters most — selling.



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