Evolution of a Product

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  • Cohort retention is strong compared to similar products in the space that have similar levels of penetration.
  • There is a group of users that absolutely love the product, which is reflected in very high retention.
  • New users are the largest share of active users.


  • Older cohorts’ retention curves flatten and perhaps slightly improve.
  • New users account for a decreasing percentage of total users.
  • Overall churn remains higher than resurrection but is driven primarily by the newest cohorts.
  • Engagement metrics get stronger.


  • Older cohorts’ retention curves improve.
  • Resurrection is greater than churn.
  • Engagement metrics are very strong.


  • Resurrection and churn have balanced.
  • The number of new users is extremely small compared to the number of retained users.
  • Engagement metrics are retained at very high levels.




  • The phases of growth resemble an S-curve and include Early, Growth, Hyper Growth and Mature.
  • Early on, new users are the largest contributor to growth, with churn outstripping resurrection.
  • As your product grows and market penetration begins to increase, new users continue to be the biggest driver of net growth while resurrection becomes more significant, with older cohorts achieving a balance between resurrection and churn.
  • In the Hyper Growth stage, retention improves in older cohorts with resurrection outpacing churn.
  • As your product begins to completely penetrate the market, a balance emerges between resurrection and churn with new users contributing negligible growth.
  • Diversification in the form of multiple product lines is critical to achieve sustained long-term growth.

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