Fireblocks: Powering the Future of Finance on the Blockchain

By Ravi Gupta and Michelle Bailhe on behalf of Team Sequoia

We are excited to share that we have partnered with Fireblocks for their Series D.

At Sequoia, our mission is to help the daring build legendary companies. We partnered with Fireblocks because we believe that Founder Michael Shaulov and his world-class team are in the midst of building the “Shopify for crypto.”

For a slightly longer explanation of our rationale, we thought we would share an excerpt of our investment thesis from our internal memo:

“Crypto is important today and will only increase in importance over time. We are seeing a Cambrian explosion of companies that handle digital assets. This includes crypto-native companies, consumer fintech companies (many in the Sequoia portfolio) and traditional financial institutions. The secure storage and transfer of digital assets will be core to all of these businesses. Using its world-class self-custody technology as a wedge, Fireblocks can become the leading back-end infrastructure for companies to secure and move digital assets. Through its API-based infrastructure and its growing network of verified trading parties, Fireblocks is strategically well placed to expand deeper into DeFi, trade settlement, lending, tokenization and potentially a host of other activities businesses may want to do with digital assets. Led by its excellent founder Michael Shaulov, Fireblocks will become the “Shopify for crypto,” enabling businesses to build secure crypto products for millions of end customers.”

We are incredibly excited to be on this journey with Michael and his team.

If you would like to join Fireblocks, please find job postings here.

If you are a founder building the future of crypto, please email us!




From idea to IPO and beyond, Sequoia helps the daring build legendary companies.

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From idea to IPO and beyond, we help the daring build legendary companies. Follow our publication for more Sequoia perspectives:

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