Words Matter

Design your content like you design your products

We needed a way to transform the mysterious art of content into a repeatable and measurable process.

To get there, we identified a series of characteristics common to exceptional stories. Find the PDF checklist embedded below. Did we miss any? Find me on Twitter @buckhouse and let me know.

This article originally appeared on Sequoia’s site.

Towards Exceptional Content, by James Buckhouse on behalf of Sequoia Capital, originally posted on Sequoia’s website here: https://www.sequoiacap.com/article/towards-exceptional-content/




From idea to IPO and beyond, Sequoia helps the daring build legendary companies.

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James Buckhouse

James Buckhouse

Design Partner at Sequoia, Founder of Sequoia Design Lab. Past: Twitter, Dreamworks. Guest lecturer at Stanford’s GSB & d.school jamesbuckhouse.com

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