Jan 16, 2017 / 12 Chapter, 365 chances.

So, I got my first Unsubscribe. It sucked for a bit (I dint expect it would) but thats ok. As long as there is even one person who's interested, I will continue to share things. And then, the reason is more internal. I write for the sake of writing. I believe I can make a change. And if I dont start here, in a group of people who I think I want to be friends with for the rest of life, where would I? Plus writing helps me clear my head. I have a lot going on and I need a bouncing board. In absence of a Mastermind group, this is the least I can do.

Moving on.

Did you make time to do the purpose bit that I spoke of last week? It took me less than 30 min and I am slow! The 2-3 others who shared their plans said the same. May be you do it this week?

For this week's email, I had two or three that I wanted to talk about. While I was having a tough time to shortlist one, I stumbled on this post by Frog Design - in the post, they make a summary of things that will change the way we live, work, travel, eat, sleep, find love, and even die! It has 15 things that they call tech-trends for 2017.

Link: http://www.frogdesign.com/techtrends2017.

Go read those. Internalise them. Think about them. Explore more. Discuss with your friends. In detail. Its your life that will change. Future dawns upon us faster than we think. I mean it feels like yesterday when I first took CAT and failed to get through to a good business school. I cant believe its 13-years since then! 13 years! For context, Crime Patrol is 13 years old. So is Roadies. Some of you may not know of these but these defined our generation! Time flies ladies and gents and we better stay prepared. Sam Altman once said,

days are long but decades are short.

Lets do things now. Today.

Other thing that I must talk about is Phil Knight's excellent memoir on how to created Nike - Shoe Dog. I first read about it on Bill Gates' list of top books he read in 2016. (Lesson? Follow smart people!) Even though Phil trained for becoming an accountant and runs a Shoe company, he writes with the eloquence of an established writer. At times he reminds me of Bukowski. At times he reminds me of me - which is me trying not to be modest. I could not put it down. I was sleeping with the book, I was taking it everywhere I went - loo, Starbucks, Uber rides and so on and so forth. And yes, I am a slow reader. The book does not offer anything new in terms of business wisdom and there is nothing special about the story (its similar to all others - hustle, hardwork, sleepless nights etc). But its an honest account of a man who's built one of the most recognisable things of all time - the swoosh. Pick a copy and PLEASE read it. If you want, I can send you a copy - send me your address and I will. I promise. Really.

Thats it for this week. If you haven’t done the purpose piece from last week, may be, you ought to do it this week. See the attached pic please. Talks to you about chapters and chances. Again, from Nike!

And, finally, please do tell me if you dont want these emails. I love to write but in the enthusiasm to write, I dont want to spam your mailboxes! A friend told me the other day that my "self-appointment" as best-friends of even strangers and sending them uncalled for advise could piss people off. Pray tell me before you decide to train your guns on me!

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