Shared office space in Powai, Mumbai?

Ever since I went freelance, I have been on a constant look out for a place where I could sit and write work. In the first few months, I used Starbucks a lot and it’s not funny how much I got done while I sat there. In fact I wrote a large part of tnks at that Starbucks). But since then, Starbucks has gone too mainstream and there are just too many kids and too many lovey-dovey couples engaged in PDA all the time (at least at the Powai one). Plus I am now in this ultra lo-cost eco mode, I no longer want Frappuccinos worth 200 bucks. Plus I am trying to lose weight and thus the only coffee I will have is black. Or may be freshly brewed. No sugar, no milk, no frills. I have to get healthy and be able to do things by myself till whenever I live. Little steps hopefully will take me far.

Coming back, so I need a place that allows me to sit and work. I am offer…

  • Upto Rs. 6000 per month (or Rs. 200 per day) for it.
  • Plus, if you offer me space, I am willing to work for you. For free. I am very handy with general gyaan about Startups, connecting the dots, product management, marketing strategy, content marketing and so on and so forth. My linkedIn profile is here.
  • Plus, I am willing to write about you on whatever platform you want me to write on.
  • Plus, despite my extensive online presence, I am good at keeping my mouth shut.

And in exchange for all these, what do I want?

  • A desk and a chair. Any desk, any chair as long as I can place my laptop on the table and place the chair next to the table.
  • AC! Very very important. I hate summers and I hate Sun. The AC has to be humankind’s most important invention apart from the Internet.
  • A charging point + ideally 24 x 7 access. I work at all hours and on all days. So I need free access. If not 24 x 7, it has to open up at 7 in the morning and stay open till midnight at least.
  • Located within ten minutes walking distance to Powai Starbucks. I live in Chandiwali and I dont want to waste my time traveling.
  • Within my budget of Rs. 6000 per month. On top of this, like I said, I am willing to chalk out a few hours every week for you to work with you on whatever you are working on.
  • Wi-fi Internet connection. This desirable but not mandatory. I can get my own internet.
  • Access to lots of drinking water + Clean loo. Very very important and non negotiable. I can get my water but I’d not want to rush to Starbucks every hour.

Apart from these, anything goes. I am ok if the place is noisy, I am ok if its messy. I am ok if people walk-in and walk-out all the time. I am ok if you play loud music. I am ok if you are jamming. I have this amazing ability to zone out and get lost in what I am doing. I can even teach you the trick. It’s really simple.

To be honest, I have been looking for a place for some months now and I havent found anything as yet. I did get some leads but despite persistent chase, the trail goes cold. It’s not their problem. I have asked around on twitter, browsed through threads on Quora, searched online but nothing so far. I did find the wonderful BreathingRoom (you must try it) but I cant use it everyday :(

That’s why this blogpost. Help me! Please…

Do you think you can accommodate me? I promise I am very quiet, very clean and I generally keep to myself, unless spoken to first.

If you can’t, would you know of any one who wants to monetize that extra seat in their new office? Please please please connect me with them.

I shall send good Karma your way. Promise. And if it moves you, give you credit in my next book.


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