Brokstr supports Serenity project

We are happy to announce that Brokstr partners with Serenity.

Brokstr is a rapidly growing innovative company, which provides its clients with a full range of investment services in the financial markets. Brokstr provides traditional brokerage services for the clients. Besides that, Brokstr has an Artificial Intelligence Unit that develops AIs and neural networks that are designed for financial markets. Brokstr’s most advanced product is AI YUN. This neural network is fully autonomous and dedicated for trading on financial markets without human intervention.

According to Brokstr, «Our commitment to scientific developments in the field of artificial intelligence for financial markets as well as other modern technologies gives us an understanding of what is behind Serenity project. Everyone from our team has years of experience in financial markets and we admire that Serenity picked up the idea of using blockchain and smart-contract technology to protect individual traders and private investors»

According to Alexander Stanovoy, the CBDO of Serenity, «A combination of a scientific talent with financial pragmatism is what we admire the most in the team of Brokstr. We are happy to welcome Brokstr onboard.»