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Cryptocurrency exchange platform is ready for business

Serenity has completed the development of its new product for business customers: The transparent and regulated service for fast fiat-to-crypto exchange is ready for the first clients.

Serenity offers a convenient service that allows individuals to quickly buy cryptocurrency. Any website can integrate into their platform and expand their available payment options.

If you accept cryptocurrency as payment for your services, but you often encounter clients with no funds in cryptocurrency, you can offer them to use the services of cryptocurrency exchange platform. Clients can buy cryptocurrency using their bank cards and immediately transfer it to your account if they choose to do so.

The funds will be converted to cryptocurrency in two clicks, so the purchase will not require any effort even from those unfamiliar with it.

How it works

Clients who wish to make a purchase on a merchant’s website are directed to After the registration and a simple KYC procedure (Know Your Customer), they can buy the needed amount of cryptocurrency.

If they choose to, the client can transfer the funds further. A merchant can undergo an additional integration with and be directly notified when cryptocurrency is sent to them. This allows providing services to the client right away rather than wait for the transaction to be processed.

To integrate into your website, just contact our professionals by email:


The goal of Serenity is to provide a transparent and legal way to exchange fiat to cryptocurrency. All operations are conducted with Serenity — a legal entity registered in Estonia and licensed to conduct cryptocurrency exchange activity. This means that Serenity guarantees the transparency and legitimacy of transactions to regulators and banks.

Thanks to this, has an advantage over OTC transaction services that are not transparent and do not bear the risk of a customer becoming a victim of a rogue merchant. Clients cannot be 100% sure that they will receive cryptocurrency in return for the money transferred from their bank cards.

The key difference of buying cryptocurrency through compared to OTC transactions is in the fact that the client is buying cryptocurrency from Serenity, a company regulated by a European financial regulator, rather than from an unknown source with an origin of cryptocurrency whose legitimacy can be doubted by banks, or who may be blacklisted, which would result in blocked accounts and funds. Moreover, the client buys cryptocurrency with a bank card rather than through a money transfer and can file a complaint in case of a problem. All this provides guarantees for all participants of a transaction.


To ensure smooth interaction with banks and prevent fraud, uses a simple KYC procedure (Know Your Customer) by the certified provider Sum And Substance Ltd. All data of SerenityPay users is stored on secure servers with limited access.

Thanks to the implementation of KYC, AML technology (anti-money laundering) and PEP check, buying cryptocurrency through SerenityPay is transparent and secure. Furthermore, Sum And Substance makes the identity verification procedure faster and protects bank cards from scammers.

To pass the KYC procedure, it’s necessary to answer the questions at the stage of registration, upload the necessary documents, and follow the instructions. Identity verification takes a couple of minutes. Please note, however, that one user can have only one verified account.

Capabilities and volumes

Right now, at the initial state, allows buying bitcoins for euros of dollars.

The maximum amount of one transaction: 3,000 EUR/ minimum 45 EUR

The maximum amount of successful authorizations per one card in one day: 10,000 EUR

The maximum amount of successful authorizations per one card in one month: 15,000 EUR

The maximum number of bank cards that can be associated with one email: three per month.

One client can have only one verified account.

Right now this service is available in 113 countries.

Currently, is not available in the following countries:

USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, Isle of Man, Jersey, Switzerland, Malta, Gibraltar, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Mexico, India, China, Cambodia, Macedonia, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, Nepal, UAE, Vietnam, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jordan, Bangladesh, Macau, Kyrgyzstan, Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, Haiti, Guatemala, Honduras, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Cuba, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, El Salvador, Uruguay, Chile, Puerto Rico, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Saint Barthelemy, Saint Martin, French Guiana, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Guyana, Laos, Uganda, Vanuatu, Ethiopia, Sri Lanka, Tunisia, Afghanistan, CAR, Congo, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Mali, Myanmar, Pakistan, DPRK, Palestine, Sudan, Syria, Yemen, Zimbabwe, Trinidad and Tobago, Bahamas, Mongolia, Ghana.

UPD: is now available in 29 more jurisdictions. Here’s the list of added available countries and territories:

Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Haiti, Guatemala, Honduras, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, El Salvador, Uruguay, Chile, Puerto Rico, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Saint Barthelemy, Saint Martin, French Guiana, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Guyana, Laos, Uganda, Ethiopia, Tunisia, Vanuatu, Sri Lanka.

In the next months, the Serenity team will work on expanding its geographical presence, the list of available currencies and cryptocurrencies, as well as the transaction limits. Learn about all updates on the company’s website, or follow our pages on Facebook and Twitter.



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