Crypto exchanger SerenityPay became a bestseller of Blockchain Life 2019

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Oct 23, 2019 · 4 min read

The team of Serenity presented an ecosystem of unique products for Forex brokers, blockchain startups and traders at Blockchain Life 2019 in Moscow.

Serenity became a Platinum sponsor of Blockchain Life 2019, Europe’s largest cryptocurrency industry event that took place in Moscow on October 16th–17th. During the two days, the expo was attended by over 4,800 participants from the spheres of blockchain, mining, and cryptocurrency. The forum has exceeded all expectations in terms of the keenness of interest towards the world of cryptocurrency.

At the expo, Serenity presented the already established products for Forex brokers, crypto traders, and fin-tech start-ups, as well as new offerings. Together they make up the growing ecosystem of Serenity that ensures the transparency of trading and crypto-fiat exchange.

The Serenity core team at BlockchainLife2019

On the first day of Blockchain Life 2019, the range of Serenity products was expanded by a margin trading platform and SerenityPay, an exchanger that accepts transfers from bank cards.

The subject of the most intense interest among the expo participants was the new exchanger SerenityPay which works both in a bundle with the exchange Serenity.Exchange and separately. The exchanger accepts fiat currencies from the bank cards Visa and MasterCard. Currently, the platform supports BTC, ETH, LTC, USDT, and GUSD. SerenityPay can be used to make deposits into Serenity.Exchange accounts with regular bank cards.

“It is of utmost importance to us that any client with an ordinary fiat bank card can deposit into their account on the crypto exchange and the margin trading platform,” commented a co-founder of Serenity Financial Anton Vasin.

The margin trading platform Margin.Serenity.Exchange significantly expands the trading capabilities of the exchange. Margin trading provides traders with access to larger amounts of funds for trading than have on their balance.

Specifically for managing margin trading accounts, the Serenity team has developed a convenient personal area, ready for use by both traders and partners.

Both platforms are available as White Label. And to celebrate their release, Serenity.Exchange cuts trading commission from 0.2% to 0.1%. These conditions are valid until December 31st, 2019.

The team also presented a unique smart contract-based blockchain escrow designed to increase trust between traders and brokers both in Forex and cryptocurrency industry.

According to the CTO of Serenity Financial Vasily Alexeev, blockchain technology has been having an increasingly strong influence on financial markets. Alexeev attributes it to the fact that blockchain ensures the security and irreversibility of transactions. He notes that smart contracts automate the processes that had to be conducted manually before: today, even the most conservative banks are starting to replace letters of credit with smart contracts.

“There are governmental organizations that deal with claims in Forex, but they all have a significant drawback: they can’t force Forex brokers to comply with a decision that is not in their favor. If a company refuses to pay, the independent regulator can not influence them. This is a defining feature of Serenity: having predetermined the conditions of a smart contract, the funds will be transferred to the client automatically if their claim is well-founded.

“This is how it works: the money goes to the smart contract and can be transferred only to two parties: the broker or the trader. To withdrawal to take place, both parties have to agree on the receiving party. If a client has a claim, the broker can’t withdraw the funds and vice versa. In such case, Serenity reviews the dispute and approves or rejects the request. At least one party has to agree with this decision, and the funds will be transferred either to the trader or the broker. Another important aspect of such system is that the money can’t be withdrawn by any other party, for example by Serenity, since the blockchain technology doesn’t allow to retroactively change the transaction,” tells Vasily Alexeev.

In May 2019, the Serenity team launched a cryptocurrency exchange that aggregates liquidity from major exchanges. This platform is also available as a White Label.

“Development of the cryptocurrency exchange is one of the most important areas of focus for us. In particular, we are working to merge the personal area of the exchange with Escrow and the partner section. We’re also in the process of developing a loyalty program for all products of our ecosystem,” said Anton Vasin.

Aside from the new developments, the team of Serenity rewarded their colleagues with a giveaway of warm prizes. At the end of each event, the participants who had been most active on social media received branded hoodies, sweatshirts and T-shirts from Serenity. The cozy gifts found their way to those who posted creative selfies at the Serenity booth or shared the project’s news on their Facebook and Instagram pages.

One of the winners in the Serenity social media contest — Vladimir Vinnikov.
The Serenity contest winners wearing their warm gifts.

Serenity Financial provides blockchain solutions for brokers, cryptocurrency traders, and fin-tech start-ups. Interested in a product or a service? Contact us:; @Anton_Vasin.


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