Founder of Tools For Brokers Alexey Kutsenko became an advisor of Serenity Financial

Meet our new advisor!

“Tools For Brokers develops products for brokerage companies worldwide. We know the market inside out. That allows me to state that the industry calls for a project like Serenity Financial. Blockchain is a technology of a completely new kind, it is capable of reshaping the internet and internet-based services. Financial industry is the one with a strong need for changes and those are the long-awaited ones. Serenity Financial platform is based on blockchain and the idea behind it will surely change the industry by making it secure and transparent. It is the right mission!”

Alexey Kutsenko is the founder of Tools For Brokers Inc., a brokerage software development company, which develops financial software for more than 300 companies worldwide. Alexey has extensive experience in development and sales of financial technology, trust management and regulation.