Happy Holidays from Serenity

Dear friends, on the behalf of our team we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 2018 was a truly wonderful year when the Serenity project was fully launched. Thank you for your faith and your support! Together we started a marvelous project, thus we can reach the most ambitious goals and implement the bravest plans! We wish all your wishes to come true, all goals to be reached and all the best things to happen next year!

Denis Kulagin, Serenity CEO:

“Dear friends, Happy New Year!
Let the 2019 year be rich for new business achievements. I wish you to have stable financial growth, smiles of the close ones and all the recognition you deserve in professional sphere.
While reviewing the year passed, I can proudly point out that bright idea and mission of Serenity was fully acknowledged by our complex and dynamic industry.
There are new technologies, that we can implement because of your constant support, waiting for us ahead!”

Anton Vasin, Serenity Co-founder:

“Holidays are coming. It means that it’s time to summarize this year.
In 2018 the development of Serenity project came to its’ final stage. We want to thank our great team and, of course, our community and its support that made this project possible. We wish you a productive New Year altogether with joy, warmth and happiness. May all your wishes come true next year. Have wonderful holidays!”