Niobium Coin (NBC) has been listed on Serenity.Exchange

Serenity Financial
Feb 3, 2020 · 2 min read
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Business tokenization platform BOMESP added Serenity token (SRNT) to its listing, while Serenity.Exchange has listed the platform’s own token: Niobium Coin (NBC).

Serenity project partnered with business tokenization platform BOMESP. Serenity token (SRNT) was listed on the platform’s exchange, and Serneity.Exchange in its turn added the BOMESP token Niobium Coin (NBC) to its list of instruments.


NBC is an Ethereum-based token. According to the creators, it “fuels the BOMESP ecosystem”.


BOMESP was founded by a team of entrepreneurs from Brazil and Australia who wanted to unlock the potential of cryptocurrency in the development of corporate projects. The platform’s philosophy is based on the idea to create digital currencies for resource pooling and development of business processes using blockchain.

Serenity.Exchange listing

Currently, Serenity.Exchange offers about two dozen currency pairs for trading. The team is determined to continue selecting currencies with promising potential and large communities in order to increase activity on the exchange and ramp up the volumes.

Serenity.Exchange for cryptocurrency launched in May 2019 and has since been evolving, expanding the potential and building the community. Among its key competitive advantages for traders is the aggregation of cryptocurrency liquidity. It guarantees inexhaustible depth of market, best possible order execution, as well as allows placing trades at any moment, even with no matching orders within the exchange.

To start trading on Serenity.Exchange, you just need to create an account.


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