Serenity Escrow to be released on July 11th, 2018

Dear friends!

We are steadily making progress to implement the projects outlined in our roadmap and next Wednesday we will release the first build of our Escrow. As planned, the first version will have the following features:

As a part of our Escrow system, we will publish the smart contract for the storage of clients’ funds.
At first, deposits will be available only in Ethereum.
Initially the system will support one broker, our long-time partner Grand Capital.
Every user will be able to test our Escrow having opened a Standard account for trading currency and CFDs on stocks of major companies.
Minimum deposit is $50 at the current rate of Ethereum. 
Users will be able to perform all actions, from opening of accounts to making deposits in the Member’s Area on Serenity website.

Vasily Alexeev, Serenity CTO:
“Beta version is just the first step in a project’s development. This milestone is very important to us, because now we will be able to regularly show our progress to the community, launch new features while improving the existing ones. I would like to thank all members of our community for their patience and faith in our project.”

We remind you that although the exchange was not included in our initial plan, it will be developed nonetheless. Follow the progress of its development on our official Telegram channel or check Exchange section in the roadmap on our website.