Serenity.Exchange Development Report

Serenity Financial
Oct 8, 2019 · 2 min read

September 11th — October 7th

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Dear friends! We continue to share updates! During the period from September 11th to October 7th, we had been improving the Serenity exchange and now we are happy to tell you about our progress:

  1. A bug when applying for a withdrawal of funds has been fixed.

Frozen windows will no longer be confusing and disturbing to users. Now, after filling out an application for withdrawal of funds the application window closes correctly.

2. The customer identification process has been improved.

Errors when loading documents has been fixed, appropriate notifications have been added, formats of loaded documents have been determined.

3. Errors in displaying the time of transactions have been fixed.

The transaction history timeframes now are configured accurately. From now on the time of transactions is displayed correctly.

4. The bug in displaying orders with the same price has been fixed.

Previously, not all orders with the same price were displayed into the order book. Now every order is shown and executed in accordance with the order.

5. The correct display of the password change form is configured.

Issues causing cyclic reloading and page freezing after clicking on the link in the email to change the password has been fixed. The server response now appears directly in the form of a password change.

6. TradingView databases have been updated

We always update software for libraries and graphics. When using third-party software, this is very important to ensure the security for our users.

This was the second report of the Serenity team. In the report we have described the most significant improvements. Also, a lot of work has been done regarding small details. We will continue to inform you about our updates and innovations. Ask questions, write comments — Serenity is always in touch!


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