Serenity Exchange has joined the Financial Commission’s Blockchain Association

Serenity Financial
Dec 4, 2018 · 2 min read
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On December 3rd, 2018, the international Financial Commission (Finacom) announced the admission of , a cryptocurrency trading platform, into the .

This Association was created by Finacom, an international regulatory body that resolves trading disputes. Its goal is to promote self-regulation in the field of digital currency trading by uniting cryptocurrency exchanges and financial firms.

In addition to Serenity Exchange, the Association’s members include Etheralabs (a New York City based lab and ecosystem that builds, reproduces and invests in innovative blockchain technologies), YouHodler (blockchain-based financial ecosystem focused on cryptocurrency-backed lending with fiat loans) and Ibinex (B2B exchange ecosystem, harnessing the power of thousands of exchanges with a connected and unified backend infrastructure).

All clients of a company that is a member of the Association have a unique opportunity to report any trading problem to the independent Blockchain Expert Committee of the Financial Commission, which consists of fintech and cryptocurrency experts. This option hasn’t been previously offered by any regulators or other self-regulatory organizations. It’s expected that this will establish the process for resolving claims in the field of digital currency trading.

Another advantage of the membership is that the Association’s member and its clients can interact and consult with industry experts, legal compliance experts and other blockchain and cryptocurrency professionals.

Serenity Exchange has joined the growing community of companies thanks to complying with the highest standards of business ethics, establishing trust with their customers, fair business practices and transparent partnership.

The exchange, as a proprietary development of the Serenity Financial, aggregates liquidity from external providers, which means that full depth of market (DOP) is always available on the exchange. It also provides great opportunities for a successful start on the cryptocurrency market. Its clients can be sure that all their transactions, regardless of the size, will be processed with utmost precision and transparency.

Serenity Exchange, officially registered in Estonia, licensed for cryptocurrency-fiat operations (license #FVR000504), as well as for creation and storage of cryptographic keys for the customers (license #FRK000420).


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