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Serenity.Exchange,, Serenity Escrow: latest important updates

Despite the two months of self-isolation, the Serenity team never slowed down, and the results of their work on all our products are already here. Here are the most important recent improvements that expand the capabilities of Serenity services.


  • Now users of Serenity.Exchange can use market orders to quickly buy and sell currency pairs at the best price currently available. Requests are sent to the order book immediately. Buy orders are executed at the closest ask price in the order book, while sell orders are executed at the closest bid price currently available in the order book.
  • Easier registration procedure for new users. We have noticed that some traders had issues with saving the automatically generated passwords and signing in with their usernames. Now traders don’t have to come up with a username, and registration requires only email and password (created by the user). If login and password are incorrect, the sign-in form will return an error message.
  • We also fixed a bug in the News section that resulted in missing entries. Now users will always be up to date with the project’s latest developments.

  • Cryptocurrency exchanger was launched on April 20th, 2020, and now is available in over 140 countries and jurisdictions. Within the first month of the service’s operation, our team has further improved the user experience.
  • To help users avoid any errors and delays when making a transaction, all form fields are now provided with helpful hints.
  • The exchanger also now has a help desk for quicker and more efficient resolution of user issues. It’s still possible to contact our tech support via email.
  • To make the registration procedure simpler, we added hints for password creation and the required checkbox to agree with the terms of service. The hint reminds that the password must contain at least 6 characters in total, at least one capitalized letter and one number.
  • The security of transactions has been improved. Only those who have passed KYC can verify bank cards and buy cryptocurrency. If a user used an unverified card for the transaction, they will receive an email with the link to card verification procedure. Until the card is verified, the transaction will be assigned the status “Created”.
  • Transaction statuses on the “All transactions” page is now more informative and clear about the state of the cryptocurrency purchase process.

Serenity Blockchain Escrow

As we prepared to accept new clients at Serenity Escrow, the team transferred the system to our own Kubernetes-based private cloud. This will ensure the fail-safe operation of the system and the possibility of quick scaling in case of a peak load buildup.

Furthermore, our team of developers has improved the internal system used by the and the exchange:

— New CI/CD;

— Sandbox launched;

— New service configuration mechanism. The upgrade allowed us to cut the deployment time several times and minimize the human factor in the process of the “delivery” of code;

— KYC logic refactoring;

— Service monitoring system improved;

— We moved to a new mailing service, messages will arrive quicker now;

— New service that aggregates the data on quotes.



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