Transaction analysis system integrated with Serenity Escrow

Serenity Financial
Dec 12, 2018 · 3 min read

Dear friends!

Serenity Escrow is a multifunctional platform and now we’re glad to announce the integration of Tradefora’s Automated TradeGuard.

The system compares execution prices of your broker with other dealing centers. In your Personal Area on Serenity website you can look up opening and closing prices provided by your broker, the overall highest prices on the market and average market values.

To enhance your experience even further, we have also integrated charts into the Personal Area. They display the comparison your trade’s execution with market values as diagram. Moreover, the chart shows how the instrument’s price is changing within a certain time period (illustrated by the comparison of one broker’s data to average market prices).

Trader who uses the transaction analysis system is always aware whether the prices offered by their broker are relevant.

The transaction analysis system is based on the patented technology developed by Tradefora. It’s capable of comparing enormous amounts of data received from over 80 brokerage companies in real time with millisecond accuracy.

In order to see the price of execution compared to market values, just open the desired account, go to the respective section and click on Request report. The data is always near at hand.

Vasily Alexeev, Serenity CTO:

Tradefora is a unique system, which fully matches Serenity’s philosophy: protect traders on over-the-counter markets using bleeding edge technology. This partnership is the next logical step for us on our mission to provide an all-embracing solution for safe trading. The system of trade analysis will take brokers to a whole new level of integrity with clients. It will become easier for them to make trading decisions and always be aware of how favorable the prices offered by their broker are”.

Pavel Khizhnyak, Co-founder Tradefora:

“We are extremely excited to see Serenity complete live integration of their Trading Platform with Tradefora’s Automated TradeGuard API. This marks a very important new milestone on the road to greater transparency in OTC markets. We are constantly pushing the envelope for more innovation and happy to work together with Serenity’s team to pursue higher execution and transparency standards in the FX, CFD and crypto markets”.

About the tech solutions provider Tradefora:

Tradefora PLC (“Tradefora”) is an independent innovative company focusing on big data and machine learning application in financial markets. Tradefora was founded in 2015 with a core mission of bringing more transparency to OTC FX and crypto markets through an impartial transaction cost analytics (TCA) and trade execution analytics.


The First Blockchain Escrow for Financial and Cryptocurrency Markets

Serenity Financial

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The First Blockchain Escrow for Financial and Cryptocurrency Markets


The First Blockchain Escrow for Financial and Cryptocurrency Markets

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