Utility value of SRNT token

We got a lot of questions from our tokenholders regarding the utility value of SRNT token, especially in connection to Serenity exchange.

SRNT token in Serenity products

First of all, we want to make it clear that SRNT token is used both in Serenity Escrow and Serenity Exchange and will be used in all possible future Serenity products.

We are already accepting SRNT tokens as a possible way of paying fees for using Serenity Escrow. We accept them at the minimal price of 0.0001 ETH, and will soon start accepting them for USDT/TUSD (US dollar-tethered stablecoin) deposits at the minimal price of 0.10 USD. In case a client comes to Serenity Escrow without SRNT tokens, we will buy tokens at exchanges for at least 50% of the fees paid by the client.

All the SRNT tokens collected as part of Escrow fees will be immediately burned.

We are still finalizing the fee structure for Serenity Exchange, but we can already say that we will adopt the model used by Binance and some other exchanges: we will accept listing fee and most other fees exclusively in SRNT tokens.

SRNT token in 3rd-party products

Besides using SRNT tokens in our own products, we’ve already signed contracts with two of our partners that they will accept up to 50% of price of their products in SRNT tokens.

The first company, one of the founding members of Serenity, is UpTrader. For the last 10 years, UpTrader has been producing software for brokerage companies. The range of UpTrader products includes website development, online Trader’s Room software, CRM systems, cryptocurrency-related services and marketing support.

The other company is RAMM software provider. RAMM is a universal social trading platform, which allows copying trades from one account to another automatically. The platform has an internal risk management system and the profit distribution system.