We unveil the Serenity escrow beta

Dear friends,

Serenity has announced the launch of the beta version of escrow for financial markets.

This is the first system of this kind that is able to store investors’ funds on a smart contract and protect them from any fraudulent activity and risks.

Beta version of escrow contains a publicly available smart contract, which stores customer funds. The smart contract code can be found on GitHub. At first, customers will be able to make deposits only in Ethereum.

Serenity team has extensive experience and knowledge of the foreign exchange industry and owing to that we can anticipate that the system will become the authority that guarantees a reliable trader-broker relationship. Serenity developers were guided largely by the needs of Forex traders when creating the escrow.

According to the founder of the project Stanislav Vaneev: “Escrow, which is being created by the Serenity team, is a universal instrument that can be used for mutual settlements in any sphere of business, which expands the scope of the system and increases its appeal. Now the team is developing the proprietary Serenity exchange, the beta version of which is expected to be released this fall. The development of escrow and exchange takes place in full accordance with the roadmap which can be found on Serenity website.

Anyone can test our escrow system. In order to do this, you will need to open a Standard trading account with Grand Capital broker, which you can use to trade major currencies and single stocks CFDs and deposit at least $50. At the moment, deposits and withdrawals of funds are carried out only in Ethereum. You can open an account and deposit funds in Serenity Member’s Area.

Follow the progress of the exchange and escrow development on Serenity Telegram channel and in the Roadmap section on our website. We would also like to remind you that SRNT tokens can be used to pay for escrow services and as a partial payment for services of partner companies.