God only created Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve…!

The title of this post was one of the many comments a recent comment I made on a CNN article about Pope Francis. I came accross an article about Pope Francis offering his approval over a note not to bless same sex marriages. I proceeded to comment the following: “No one really cares, the Pope or anyone for that matter has no power to tell me who I love, me and my husband are very happy without the popes thoughts!”.

Now, this is not the first example of hate I have recieved from people, and won’t be the last. However the reason I wanted to highlight it was for my own research. Over 80% of the comments I recieved, which to this day are over 300, and over 1200 people reacted to my comment, were negative. The reactions were mostly possitive, only a few angry faces which I expected, but what I didn’t expect was the barage of hate it had recieved. Not of my comment to the pope, but purely because of my sexuality.

When many people asked if I was ok, I said yes, because I was. I was the opposite, strangely in a way, I was happy. It may sound strange, and it feels strange to type that sentence out, but it reminded me why I started writing The Painters Muse. It is the first full length novel and soon to be series of novels that focusses on a gay relationship. As a gay man myself I was always hesitent as I have always been a humble believer on just living my life without having to remind people of my sexuality. I also thought the space of gay fiction was hugely popualted, but so are thrillers when I think of it, and any other genre. Like any novels I have written, I exeprienced lulls in my creativity, little occurances of not knowing what I was doing this for, what the point was. I am a big beliver in fate, and that one second comment on an article had been thrusted into this huge conversation. Hate, support, narrow minded views of calling me the ‘wife’ in the marriage, and if I knew that because I had a husband, I was a woman.

These comments and view points are the very reason many around the world fight for rights to this day. Legal marriage and things like that are all great advancements, but as history has shown the law hasn’t always reflected societal views. There are still countries where you are killed for simply being gay, like someone in the comments liked to remind me of. I have included a mixture of the best comments I saw that represent why I am writing The Painters Muse, and why I intend on staying in the universe of Anton and Elliot for a while, because I feel many people around the world still need reminding that people like me, like my husband and many others, are not vehicles of hate. Not second rate human beings because we happen to love someone who has the same sex or gender as us. Love will always triumph over bigotry and hatred, and this is no exception.

“May God have mercy on you, I pray that you repent from your sinful ways before it’s too late. Sodomy is disgusting before God and it violates the morality of humanity.

It’s your choice though, but doesn’t mean it’s right”

“The first day you become homosexual, your relationship with God die”

“You must be sick. How would anyone be sexually attracted to his fellow gender?”

“…and you are not ashamed of yourself saying my husband?”

“A wife with beard, how do you cope incase you got diarrhea just asking…”

“Brandon Bourne Lol, then Europe is such a dirty community to live in. Here in Africa we by now we could have burnt you alive”

“Hehehe let me just laugh at you”



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