How does a Fleeting Idea Become a Novel? Let’s Discuss

Many of us have ideas, some of them are good, some bad, and some become a popular book series that define a generation. How does a fleeting idea become a novel?

I am walking down a street, minding my own business and I see someone eccentric. They stick out from the crowd of people that cover the same street I am walking along. They have intrinsic style and have a presence even though I have never seen them before. This triggers ideas in my mind, who are they? What inspired them to break from the status quo? Where does someone gain the confidence to walk down the street with that swagger and self assurance? Many things flow through my mind, and then I go…maybe its a novel idea!

Truth be told, many ideas can form and promise a new world. They can promise something revolutionary and different that could change the world. But alas, hardly any of them come to fruition. Maybe they go as far as research and development, but even still at that stage ideas can still just fall through and not go anywhere.

So, why?

It can be a cliché but many times ideas just don’t go anywhere is because you don’t act on it. You can go for a coffee and meet some friends, and discuss something amazing but then when you go back home the fridge may be broken, the kids demanding, work overflowing, and that amazingly awesome idea just floats to the back of your mind and rarely gets back out. The best way to fix that, is write it down! As soon as you have the idea, jot it down somewhere, whether it’s on a post-it note or a book or even the back of your hand. Do not lose that idea if you feel you have the conviction to follow it up later.

Another reason why ideas sometimes fall behind whilst others make it through, is realistic-ness (If that is a word…). When it comes to novels this is not as much of an issue as the whole world of fiction is breaking through realism and creating make-believe worlds. But the realism in this aspect is what you can achieve rather than your protagonist.

If you have an idea for a crazy anthology of novels and have no time to commit to them then this can also be an issue. Of course, you can make time and adjust your timetables. However, make sure you still have time to have you time, and have relaxing breaks in your timetable. Even though creating new projects like a new novel is incredibly exciting, it takes alot of thought and brainpower to do it, so if you feel you have enough time to commit to it, then amazing! On the other hand if you feel you are becoming bogged down by it rather than enjoying the process, then maybe it isn’t the right time.

These two things are the main factors I have experienced for myself, and also seen others experience, so it is something that impacts a lot of people. At the same time, everyone is different, so someone elses story won’t necessarily replicate perfectly for you. At the end of the day, go out there, write your ideas down, go back to them when you feel the time is right, and what have you got to lose? Writing is free so go ahead and begin your novel!



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Brandon Bourne

Brandon Bourne

I am a London born designer, entrepreneur and author, who has always had a passion for creation. I like to write what comes into my mind, and generate debates!