New Hardback Covers Debut for the One Year Anniversary of the ‘Muse’ Series

On the 20th May, the Muse series will turn one, and in that time a whole universe has been created.

The Painter’s Muse has become my most successful novel release to date, and introduced the epic love story between Elliot and Anton. It was a labour of love during a time of intense change, with lockdowns and viruses and more. I was so proud of this, and alongside it my first ever app launched with it, another labour of love which is still proving to be so successful with downloads all over the world.

As we approach the first anniversary of the book launch, I have announced a brand new cover for the hardback edition of the book. It has been designed to fit better with the book, as the current cover is slightly plain for me, and didn’t represent the vibe of the book. However, now there has been more time since the launch of the hardcover edition, it was the perfect time to be revamped for the next years to come!

Alongside this, the upcoming hardcover of Journey’s Begin which will launch later this summer to match its sister novel. I have loved writing it thus far, and coming to end stretch of the book, it has been very emotional to finally finish this book. As I started to write it in September of 2021, it has come so far and the chapters so far have been showing an intimate journey that Anton has gone through. New York is a huge chapter of his life, being just before moving to Canada where he meets Elliot for the first time.

I didn’t stop there, as my first fiction novel The Enigma was also a huge landmark for me, so also deserved a brand new Hardcover design so all of my fiction novels have beautiful new covers for the next years and beyond.

More information coming soon about Journey’s Begin, and these covers will slowly become available from this week on wards. They will be changing over on Amazon, so be sure to order a copy when the new covers are available.



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Brandon Bourne

Brandon Bourne

I am a London born designer, entrepreneur and author, who has always had a passion for creation. I like to write what comes into my mind, and generate debates!