The recipes second update, completing its summer overhaul

From recipes inspired from TikTok, to a newly revamped larder with tonnes of new information about herbs, spices and oils in cooking.

Just a few weeks ago, the Brandon’s Recipes app had its second version debut on the App Store, sporting a brand new icon, over 10 new recipes and lots of tweaks and bug fixes. This week, the second chapter of this rollout begins, with brand new features taking the app to the next level.

TikTok has become a popular place for people to share and create recipes, so it felt right to include some of my favourite recipes I have found and recieved on TikTok. Each page promotes the creator who created them and shares an easy link to their TikTok page. The last two updates combined have launched over 20 new recipes which gives the app even more choice and room to explore.

On top of this, the larder page has been completely revamped to be more useful. It was intially purely a list of spices and herbs you should keep constantly stocked in your spice rack. However, this update adds a new dimension to this section of the app, offering new insights into where some herbs and spices work best, and for the first time what oils works best with different types of cooking.

The amount of information now available on the app, separate from recipes, has grown exponentially in the last few updates and I am so proud of the app! Look out for the update as it slowly rolls out across the App Store!

Explore the Brandon’s Recipes app today for free!



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Brandon Bourne

Brandon Bourne

I am a London born designer, entrepreneur and author, who has always had a passion for creation. I like to write what comes into my mind, and generate debates!